League of the South memes: Are you Southern nationalist material?

When you consider that the USA is a failed leftist multicultural experiment, then you realize just how important The League of the South’s work is. If you think like we do, then we invite you to join us. And to help you determine that, we present some Question & Answer format memes:

Q. What is The League of the South?
A. An organization of Southern Nationalists

Secede to surviveQ. What is Southern Nationalism
A. A movement promoting the survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people

Q. Who are the Southern People?
A. The descendants of European, Christian peoples who settled the Southern region of North America

Q. What is a kith and kin nation?
A. A people bound together by blood and soil

Q. What do you mean by Anglo-Celtic?
A. The peoples of the British Isles

Q. Is the League of the South a Christian organization?
A. We are not the Church, but we do defend and promote Christian civilization.

Q. Is the League of the South a “racist” organization?
A. The term “racist” is an anti-White, anti-Southern slur.

Q. Is the League of the South a “hate group?”
A. We love our people and the South.


  1. So can a transplanted born and bred Northerner, sharing the movements current and historical sentiments, be considered for enrollment?

    1. In the war of 1861-1865, there were 33 Northern Born Southern Generals, but only 5 Southern Born Northern Generals. The South has always been the more attractive part of the USA, in so many ways…There is some uncertainty in the records about whether the Highest Ranking Confederate Army Officer, Adjutant General Samuel Cooper, was born in Hackensack, New Jersey or New Hackensack, Dutchess County, New York, but Brigadier General Julius Adolph De Lagnel was indisputably nor in Newark, New Jersey. If New Jerseyans could be welcome in the Confederate States of America, surely any Northern citizen can be (lol!)….

  2. Excellent list.

    I am an advocate of dispensing with the notion that my ancestors were involved in a rebellion, they were not. What they were patriots engaged in a lawful defense of their homes and lands against a ruthless, treasonous invasion staged by the United States government and its military.

    I am following their example, as a Southern Nationalist.

  3. Very succinct and clear Q & A. A lot of folks, if they are willing to break their conditioning, will be in agreeance with the answers laid out.

      1. Michael, while I have yet to attend any of the League’s events, I have followed y’all on social media and in print. Nothing that has been written would suggest the term redneck. We as Southern Nationalist, are a 21st century response with it’s roots firmly established in the spiritual and intellectual soul of our people. Our opposition is in disarray, they are geared for a late 20th century style propaganda war. The Black Cross represents the transformation of the movement. As it has emerged from the chrysalis of the first decade of this century, the image is now in our hands. Dr. Hill, Mr. Flowers, Mr. Griffin, yourself and many others, are the best of men and will be the guiding influence of this crusade of modern decency and establishment of our homeland. WE MOVE FORWARD!

      2. While I have always referred to myself as a Red Neck; not in the derogatory sense. Rather in what is politely referred today as Blue Collar. The working class of Southoners who stood for God, Family, and Soil. They were and are the lovers of Liberty and Christian values. And were the first to speak out and condemn the Empire for it’s evils. And because of their outspokenness they are the first to be accused of being racist, bigots, and home grown terrorist. Which may apply in some cases, but mostly we are just Southorn Nationalist. John: (Olcorps), Deo Vindici

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