League member attends Battle flag parade in Georgia

League member attends Battle flag parade in Georgia

Today, League of the South member Eric Meadows participated in a Confederate battle flag parade that traveled through the Cartersville/Calhoun area in Georgia. His account of the event follows:

The Army Of One attended what turned out to be on Hell of a parade dedicated to the flag and the South! We expected a handful of people to show and ended up with roughly 400 or so people and hundreds of cars, trucks and bikes in a parade that lasted roughly 2 hours! We started out in Calhoun GA and rode to Cassville where we met the majority of the parade then headed back North through Adairsville onto I75 South. The massive parade then rode South down the Highway to the Main Cartersville exit where we went through downtown Cartersville back North up 41 through Cass, into Adairsville and finally into Calhoun. The entire route were people blowing horns, waving, cheering, taking pictures and video, giving the thumbs up. We had people pull over and wave as the parade flowed for miles. People were outside of stores waving and taking picture, outside of their homes along the parade route waving and also flying their own flags in support. I have never in my 24 years of activism seen the community so involved and supportive to this level! The parade ended originally at Wal-Mart where we took up 3/4 of the parking lot with flags everywhere. Finally we left after shutting Wal-Mart down and met up at the local VFW (we were invited) where people congregated and blared Southern pride and music. One individual brought his General Lee along! All in all this was an amazing event and shows why we must always have members of the League and any and all such events! The Army of One distributed 400 Free Magnolia and had a large number interested in the League…..There will be another such event leaving the VFW and will parade to Atlanta, circle the Capitol building and parade back to the VFW. Hail Victory!



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