League attends SCV rally in Memphis

Several League of the South members attending a rally held by the Sons of Confederate Veterans at Nathan Bedford Forrest Park in Memphis. Below is an account of the event  given by one of the attendees:

Coming into Memphis you can smell the death in the air, it’s all right there for you to see. In the past few decades the city has literally fallen into ruin. Around 1:00 we arrived at the event hosted by the SCV at General Nathan Bedford Forrests grave. There were plenty of police in attendance, several obvious agents from some Orwellian movie walked around writing down tag numbers. The official start was at 2pm. There was a prayer followed by the pledge of allegiance, to kick off the event . I found it bizarre, that there would be such a ritual at this place. I turned my back to the spectacle. A gentleman came up to me during one of the adresses & said he would rather have his General where he could be properly respected, however the cemetery will not accept the monument. There was a pretty good turnout with a conservative estimate of around 500 people in attendance. Going in my expectations were to be the only League of the South member present, however there were at least 4 black shirts visible as well as a Southern Nationalist flag. Homeland security had warned that they might shut it down if the numbers got unmanageable. All in all it was a peaceful event, & therein lies the problem. The only altercation was when we tried to leave. A member was giving an interview when a black couple engaged around 5 of us. It was an excercise in futility, only reinforcing my views on many of the towns populous. It’s interesting to note the attention the U.S. government is paying confederate groups as well as Southern Nationalists right now. They feel threatened & they should. The definition for the word “of” is exactly where the answer lies. Strictly speaking its the relationship between a part and a whole. We are the blood of our fathers, fathers. We are “of” the South. Overall it was a good day, but as i point my truck towards friendly territory I can’t help but think about the grave robbery to come, of the humiliation that we as a people must once again bear.