Lawfare against The League

LS button image July 2014The League of the South is currently involved in two civil lawsuits because we dared go to Charlottesville in August 2017 to participate in a completely legal and officially permitted demonstration. In fact, two LS officers had been asked to speak at Lee Park by the Unite the Right organizer. We were there to oppose the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee and to exercise our rights of freedom of speech and public assembly. Once there, we met opposition from the organized Left, who blocked our access to the park. The melee’ that followed was allowed by State and local law enforcement, thus justifying our decision to instruct our members to bring defensive accoutrements such as helmets and shields. We had no intention of instigating violence of any sort.

Nonetheless, we have been sued by locals and will be dealing with these lawsuits for at least another year, and maybe longer. Whereas the Marxist opposition has very deep pockets and can raise money from various leftist institutions, we are dependent on the goodwill and support of individuals who value our traditional Western Christian civilization and all that stems from it.

We have long known that the Communist enemy would try every trick in their perverted playbook to destroy us. And that time is now here. Win or lose in court, I intend for The League and our Southern nationalist movement to survive and prosper. We will not surrender to these Marxist thugs. But in order to fight these (and other) battles and win the war for our people and civilization, we need resources, including money.

Our goal is to raise $250,000 between now and the middle of next year. We need your help. By helping us fight these battles against an enemy full of hatred against all that is good, righteous, and holy, you will be striking a blow for your people and their sublime civilization. We in The League have been on the front lines of this fight for 25 years, and I intend for us to be there until victory is won and the South is a free and independent homeland for our people. Please give us the wherewithal to continue this fight on the legal and other fronts. We will continue to do our duty, come what may, but we need your help. Make a contribution to us today, and be as generous as you can.

Checks, cash, and money orders can be sent to: The League of the South, P.O. Box 760, Killen, AL 35645

If you would like to donate online through an internet payment service, contact me by email at <>. I would give you the actual information here, but I fear the left would take such information and have us shut down, as they have done with our League PayPal account. So you see just a little of what we are up against. We are truly outnumbered, outgunned, and out-resourced, but we do have one fundamental advantage on our side: The Truth. And, by God’s grace, we shall prevail!

So please help us as much as you can . . . today. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Michael Hill

(Donations to The League of the South ARE NOT tax deductible.)