It’s time . . . Southern independence, now!

LS button image July 2014If there was ever a time to draw the line between the Southern States and the rest, it is now. With few exceptions, no other States except those in Dixie stand against the Jew-inspired enormities of abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism, gun control, unlimited 3rd World immigration, et al. Why do the people of the naturally conservative, Christian Southern States wish to remain in a union with those who advocate, for instance, the outright murder of children? This is evil, and if we remain in this union then we are partaking of that very evil. Moreover, the globalist left has made it clear that it intends to demographically replace Whites, including Southerners, with a more pliant and dependent population of non-Whites. As part of the same devil’s bargain, they intend to also disarm us so we cannot resist their evil schemes. Simply put, they are determined to take our lands from us and leave us no safe place to live, work, worship, and raise our children. Eventually, they will come for our Christian faith, deeming it “hateful” and forbidding us to live according to God’s commandments and statutes.

Why should we wait around for these things to happen? Why should we tolerate the intolerable? The answer is that we should not. Rather, we, as Southerners, should be making serious plans to leave this union. It has outlived its usefulness, and in fact has become a burden in that it is aggressive abroad and despotic at home. We are, in our opinion, experiencing the beginnings of a New Red Terror, similar in many ways to the one that captured and destroyed Czarist Russia a century ago and then threatened to overrun Europe. If the New Red Terror has its way, any attempt by Christian Southerners to defend themselves and their civilization will be treated as “hate speech” and “hate crimes.” This is standard operating procedure for Communists, as history teaches us.

For the last 25 years, The League of the South has advocated for a free and independent South. Now, more than ever, such an ethno-state homeland is needed for our people. Much of Europe has already been taken over by non-Whites. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are on the brink of transformation as well. Southern Africa is already gone. Much of the US has already been lost, especially areas outside the South. Most urban areas, including our Southern cities, are no longer under our control. If we wait much longer the situation may be past fixing. Even now, we may have to actually fight our way out of this mess. However, fighting now with whatever means we have is preferable to doing nothing and losing the great blessings God has given us by the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors. This fair land of Dixie is our inheritance from them and from a good God. Dare we simply give it away without a fight? To us, that would be shameful.

We are the descendants of men and women who once ruled the world. Now, we are backed into a corner because of our lack of vigilance and our giving in to the siren’s song of easy living. It is time to get tough–mentally, physically, and spiritually–and do the hard things necessary to take back our patrimony. If we don’t, our children and grandchildren face a bleak future as a hated minority in the lands settled and civilized by their ancestors. Let it not be our legacy that we allowed this to happen. Instead, let us arise and do our duty to them and to the merciful God who gave us these blessings to keep and pass on to future generations of the faithful heart. Southern independence . . . now!

Michael Hill