It’s coming . . . are you ready?

jm-hill-lrgWe are one day closer to what appears to be an inevitable ideological/cultural/racial civil war in America. It will pit normal white people (and whomever should ally with them) against anti-white whites, organized Jewry, and most dark-skinned “minorities.” Again, it will be a combination ideological/cultural (communism v. nationalism/traditionalism, the latter of which includes historic Christianity) and racial conflict. History shows that these sorts of wars are the bloodiest and most ruthless of all. This conflict will be geographical only in the sense that it will be “flyover country” (minus the leftist oases sprinkled throughout) against the largely coastal leftists and elites.

We Southern nationalists will not be among those starting this open conflict. However, we will participate without hesitation or regret if we find our lives, liberty, and property threatened. As I have said before, we will not start it but, God willing, we’ll be around to finish it with our nationalist/traditionalist brothers and sisters.

The left had better think long and hard about letting this destructive genie out of the bottle. Once out, it won’t go back in.

Michael Hill