Is the Southern Poverty Law Center falling apart?

Mark Potok 2 Apr 2017Is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) now without the stellar services of Senior Fellow and Intelligence (sic) Report editor Mark Potok (pictured at right)? We checked their page online, and Mark was not listed there among the other senior officers. But we have seen no official announcement of his departure by the SPLC.

Why are we asking about this matter in the first place? The League of the South office this week received written information that provoked the question. It said: “Mark Potok no longer at SPLC. Heidi Beirich fired him a month ago. Investigate!” If true–and we have no reason to think otherwise, from previous experiences–it indeed sounds serious. Potok was a major player for the SPLC. One can reason from this information–again, if true–only that things are not going too well right now at the Poverty Palace in Montgomery.

While we do intend to do further investigation, the SPLC could save us the trouble by issuing a statement to clarify the situation for everyone.

Oh, and by the way, we do know a little bit about the SPLC’s bathrooms. We have our spies as well.

Michael Hill