Refugees Welcome in Belfast Sept 2015For several days now, I have watched video and read various reports concerning the on-going invasion of Europe from the Middle East and Africa. It’s not just Syrians who are on the march.

Yes, these are invaders not refugees. If you’ll simply pay attention, you’ll see that about 75% of them are young, healthy-looking men. There are few women, children, or old men in sight. This is a Third World invasion, not a refugee crisis.

The saddest thing about this is how the host governments are doing nothing to protect their borders and their peoples. In fact, they are welcoming the invaders with open arms and plentiful resources. Moreover, various European nationalities are shown cheering their own demise as they welcome the dusky hordes into their midst (see photo at right from Belfast, Northern Ireland).

I never thought I’d live to see Western Man willingly participate in his own destruction to such a degree as this. But I cannot deny what is right before my own eyes.

Michael Hill