In Defense of Our Blood


Shortly after we formed The League in 1994, I was a guest on the Alan Colmes radio show on WABC in New York. Colmes, who at that time was the liberal half of the TV show “Hannity and Colmes,” asked me if we Southerners would physically defend ourselves if we were denied our rights, including the right to self-government and self-protection. He was startled when I answer unequivocally “Yes!” “You mean,” he asked, “you Southerners would take up arms against the US government if they threatened your rights?” He simply could not believe that someone in modern America could contemplate actually defending themselves and their rights by force!

You see, modern America expects us to behave like emasculated Metrosexuals (look it up!) We are conditioned to be perpetual children who need the Authorities to provide for and protect us. We are taught that we should go school, get a job, pay our taxes, consume things, and otherwise do as we are told. We say the Pledge, sing the Anthem, salute the flag, and pretend we believe the American Creed that all men are created equal. And to prove our loyalty to the regime, we offer up our sons and daughters to the military machine that is charged with enforcing the American Mandate of Democracy and Crony Capitalism on the rest of the world. We are permitted by polite society to complain but nothing more. Indeed, if there are those who insist on refusing to be “housebroken” by the regime, they are quickly branded by the usual epithets: racist, conspiracy theorist, domestic terrorist, anti-Semite, etc. And if we question any of these things, we risk being cast out from the status of “patriotic American.”

The modern American regime seeks to destroy real manhood, especially among us Southerners, because it knows—both instinctively and historically—that it is only real men who will dare stand against tyranny. And if you know your history, you know that Southerners are “defenders of the blood.” We are mostly Anglo-Celts (or we are descended from other European ethnicities that have a martial tradition), so it should not come as a surprise to those who know our history.

What do I mean by “defenders of the blood?” I mean that we Southerners know who we are, where we come from, and what our people have accomplished for themselves and their posterity. We came from the Old World—Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the English Border Country, and the western and northern European continent—to the New and carved a rough civilization out of a howling wilderness. We were the scouts, frontiersmen, and Indian fighters who provided a buffer between the gentler settlers of the coastal areas of North America and the savage hinterland. We were the riflemen who defeated the British redcoats at Kings Mountain and Cowpens. We took up arms in 1861 to form our own Southern nation against great odds and held at bay for four years the military power of the industrial North and some 750,000 foreign mercenaries. We settled the West and provide the US military with its best fighters in its 20th and 21st century wars.

After 400 years of Southern history, we find ourselves in a precarious position. Our kind, men cut from the old cloth, are told that we have no place in the modern world except to serve our alien masters. Do your duty to America and keep your mouth shut when that same America ridicules your culture and reduces you to second-class citizen status behind every minority and illegal alien. Keep you mouth shut even when you see that your children will have a bleak future as a hated minority in their own land. Keep your mouth shut and accept your fate, a preview of which may be the former Rhodesia and current South Africa.

But it is not natural for us Southerners to sit idle against threats. We are fighting men. We are not comfortable claiming victimhood and begging that some human right be created for us. Instead, we are bound up in a long community of blood, and that blood has often been shed in defense of itself. There are many old jokes about Southerners worshiping their ancestors. That’s taking it a bit too far, but there is a kernel of truth. We trace our ancestors and their deeds because that is who we are. That is our Identity. And we love and respect our people simply because they are our people, warts and all. We understand the 5th Commandment. We think such quaint things are worth fighting and dying for.

You cannot summon the courage to fight for something unless you love it and identify closely with it. We love and identify with our people—our kith and kin–and all they have bequeathed to us from the Old World to the New. We have a place that we claim as our own—the South, Dixie. Every people must have a homeland, and this is ours. Throughout history, men have challenged each other for territory. Just because we live in what is called the “modern” world does not mean that the forces of history have been rendered inoperable. If you think so, you have not noticed that a Reconquista is taking place before our very eyes. Millions of Hispanics, Mestizos really, are reclaiming land for themselves and their progeny. How is this different, say, from any other aggressive migration in history? That’s right—it isn’t, except perhaps for the fact that it is being encouraged by the government that claims control over the invaded lands. Washington, DC, is bringing in a new, more compliant population from the Third World to overwhelm and replace us.

When you take stock of the current position of our people and what the future likely has in store for us if things continue as they are, we will be outnumbered, dispossessed, and have no land on which to live, work, worship, and raise our families. That is unacceptable. But it will become the reality unless we stand and do something to stop it.

For nearly twenty years The League of the South has advocated for the survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people. We want our separation from the US empire to be peaceful, if possible. But when the Southern people are rallied to our cause in sufficient numbers to effect a separation, then we will do whatever it takes to secure our independence and establish our own nation based on our own self interests.

As it now stands, our time is short and the consequences of failure are dire. In June 1868, the Rev. Robert Lewis Dabney addressed the young men of Davidson College. In this speech, “The Duty of the Hour,” he cautioned: “A brave people may, for a time, be overpowered by brute force, and be neither dishonored nor destroyed. Its life is not in the outward organization of its institutions. It may be stripped of these and clothe itself in some diverse garb, in which it may resume its growth. But if the spirit of independence and honor be lost among the people, this is the death of the common weal: a death on which there waits no resurrection. Dread, then, this degradation of spirit as worse than defeat, than subjugation, than poverty, than hardship, than prison, than death.”

Are we 21st century Southerners deserving of being called “a brave people?” If indeed we are that brave people of whom Dabney spoke, our duty of the hour is to revive that fighting spirit of independence and honor that moved our noble ancestors and to renew the age-old struggle of our people—our blood defending our native soil of Dixie.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama

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