If you mind your own business . . .

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), in a social media rant Tuesday night, stated that the United States can “heal” only if the people in the Southern states are “liberated” from “economic, social, and racial oppression.”

As the premier Southern nationalist organization, The League of the South reminds Miss Ocasio-Cortez of the immortal words of one of our greatest poets and song writers, Hank Williams: “If you mind your own business, then you won’t be minding mine.”

We in The League encourage the people of the South (and from elsewhere) to help us liberate the Southern States from the clutches of the communist regime that is set to take power in a few days. Secession for the South and Southern independence have never sounded so good or so necessary than they do now. The only thing preventing us from enjoying a prosperous and free future for ourselves and our posterity in Dixie is our own will and sacrifice. We encourage you all to join us in this necessary endeavor.

Michael Hill, Chief