How to win thoughtful committed activists

by Tex Wood Productions

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

So who are these thoughtful, committed citizens to which Margaret Mead referred? Theoretically, there are certain types of people who are not only far more likely to join a movement but would be active participating recruits. They might simply require education and identity (a book reading list and camaraderie until this can be expanded by the addition of movies, theatre, dances, etc…).

In no particular order these thoughtful, committed citizens might be: 1. Former members of an alternative movement of any type, even the opposition -these folks have already demonstrated that rare ability to sacrifice to a greater good. Remember over 2000 years ago it was Saul, a fanatical opponent of Christianity, who became Paul, the zealous promoter of Christianity in the western world.

2. The new poor, folks who recently had a position in society but lost it. These people would be the most discontent of their current situation in life and ripe for to lose themselves in a great cause, such as Southern Nationalism.

3. The chronically bored, the physically disabled or perpetually ill- these folks have time to reflect about the changes not only to themselves but also to society as a whole.

4. Active participating Christians- the League is a Christian-oriented organization that puts God first, prays before events and fights for Jesus to be allowed back into our society. Meanwhile, true Christians of all denominations can reflect that it has been the federal government responsible for the removal of God. True Christians understand this anti-Christ persecution will not only continue but accelerate in the USA.

5. The frustrated and unfulfilled in life. This might be the worker who knows he was meant for something more but doesn’t have the opportunity to fulfill his aspirations.

6. The actor, artist, poet and the creative- these are folks with the natural ability to think outside the box and instinctively look for alternative solutions to an issue.

Those are the certain types of people who are theoretically, far more likely to be active participating recruits in any given movement. Ponder ways you can reach this specific audience for recruitment in Southern Nationalism. Success depends both on the numbers but also in the type of people you reach. A few ideas might be the art or theatre department within a local college, hospital waiting rooms, young folks you know in general, recovering veterans or those recently returned from service, active participating members of a church or anti-abortion activists.

A mass movement is the only way to change the path for which the current trajectory is the end of our people, our traditions, our way of life – perhaps even Christianity. Movements begin in times when there is widespread desire for change from a discontented people who have no confidence in the existing power structure. Right now the time is ripe for Southern Nationalism. We offer Southerners true hope for their posterity with a new life full of purpose and meaning. As you venture out, remember activism is not only good for recruiting but also a fun unifier; after a bit of activism always celebrate the camaraderie. Time spent together breeds fondness especially applies when you’re among good, sane folk who understand the issues of the day. Now that you’ve found a way to make a positive difference in the world get out there and be active but remember to always enjoy the camaraderie.

Cheers! Tex

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  1. It’s a helpful list, Mr. Tracy. I have noticet that #4, in particular, is more likely to yield fruit than anywhere else, in my neck of the woods.

    I have been pleased to discover a number of Confederates in my new church, though, they don’t think of themselves ‘as such’. Still, their opinions are unmistakably such.

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