How long, white man?

M-16sHow long, white man, will you pretend you are still at peace?

The negro rampage in Milwaukee is but the latest and most high profile example of “Get Whitey.” No matter that the feral young negro who was killed reportedly fell at the hands of a black policeman. It does not matter: this is but another excuse to target white people. When one adds up the numerous and mounting attacks on whites in both America and Europe at the hands of dark-skinned, Third World orcs, the pattern is undeniable: there is a racial war going on against whites, and only one side is participating!

It is not my intention to catalogue these murders and other violent assaults, both in the South and abroad. What we hear about in the elite media is sadly only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, which means that most dark-on-white assaults never make it out of the police files or beyond the local news. We white folks are all too familiar now with media attempts to hide the identity of negroes and Muslims when they attack, burn, rape, and kill white people. In Europe, the police are not even bothering to seriously investigate and report such attacks at all.

So what we have here is simply this: the governments, media, and other Establishment institutions are encouraging–overtly or covertly–a war on white people by dark-skinned Third World peoples whom they have empowered in one way or another. The goal appears to be white displacement and even physical genocide. We would be fools indeed to presume anything less.

As President of The League of the South, I am calling on all our members and supporters to arm and train with open warfare in mind. This war is not something we have started. In fact, whites have shown too much restraint heretofore while an epidemic of violent crime has been loosed against them. From police officers to octogenarian grandmothers, no white person is safe from being a target.

I believe white Southern men still possess a warrior spirit and the willingness to undertake physical combat in defense of their families, their property,  and their civilization. Be vigilant, my compatriots, and return violence with a double portion of violence; it is all the savages understand and it is what their white collar masters fear most from you. We are now living in an active combat zone. Behave as such.

Michael Hill




  1. Yes, the war has started. I’ve had two friends use the term “race war” to describe our current state and those people where not White nationalists, at least overtly. I had a friend from Singapore, a Dutch man, ask me if America will split into separate nations. If a foreigner can see this, then the problem (or opportunity really) is obvious.

  2. …As the last White European man is dying next to his wife’s raped dead body, his last thought is ….” I hope they didn’t think I was racist …” !!!

    That’s the future they are planning for us.

    Shall we let them get away with it ???

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