“Homegrown violent extremist”

-10FBI investigators said today (22 July) they are treating Chattanooga gunman Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez as a “homegrown violent extremist.”

I’m quite sure that the FBI’s intention was to lump Mr. Abdulazeez in with all of us Southern gun nuts and potential “homegrown violent extremists.” After all, he was from Hixson, Tennessee! Yes sir, there’s been Abdulazeezes in all them thar hills and hollers near Hixson since might near the time David Crockett was a lad! Good, old historic Tennessee name, Abdulazeez!

But perhaps the FBI did something they didn’t intend to do. Maybe, just maybe, they’re telling us that because of American immigration policy for the last half century we are indeed capable now of by-passing the Third World hothouses altogether and raising our own non-white violent extremists right here in the good old US of A! Why, these days they don’t have to bother sneaking in across the Mexican border or via any major US airport. No sir! We’re raising them right here at home. Ain’t a multicultural empire grand? Domestic jihad from our own “homegrown violent extremists.”

I suspect that the real reason for using that label–“homegrown violent extremist”–is not only to avoid being political incorrect, but also to make it familiar and despised enough to use on any dissidents who challenge the empire’s legitimacy. But it still raises a problem for the FBI and the regime in general. “Violent extremism” by its very nature must be tied to some idea or worldview. Otherwise, it’s just gratuitous violence. While the regime’s lap dog media were quick to broadcast the alleged root source Dylann Roof’s “extremism” (i.e. his “Southern-ness), they may have trouble manufacturing one for the late Mr. Abdulazeez. Islam, of course, was never on the table to begin with. So, what will it be? You can bet that if they could they’d link him to the Confederate flag, but that’s even too much of a stretch for CNN and MSNBC!

Never fear, though, they will come up with something! Liars are good at this game.

Michael Hill