Harrison, Arkansas, flag rally

Harrison Ark demo June 27 1Harrison Ark demo June 27 2From R. G. Miller, Arkansas League of the South State Chairman:

“It was not a typical rally in that everyone was involved with the League prior, but instead it served to give the League an incredibly good presence and name in the community, and a chance to hand out hundreds of Free Magnolias, explain the meaning behind our SN flag, and explain the meaning behind our [#Secede] billboard [just down the street in Harrison]. A rally planned two or three days in advance and expecting 4-8 people turned, literally in less than a few hours, into a rally of over 40 at its height. We are praising God and thanking Him for the good turn out and ability to influence our ‘home turf’ in Harrison.”

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Michael Hill

Dr Michael Hill is President of the League of the South. He is a retired university professor of history and author of two books on Celtic warfare.