GOP betrayal in Georgia

LS button image July 2014Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, thus giving in to pressure by the sodomite community and the anti-Christian big businesses (including the NFL) who support such perversion. The act would have protected clergymen who refuse to perform LGBT marriages. Faith-based organizations, like Christian schools, would also have been extended protection from renting facilities to any organization that held contrary beliefs.

Governor Deal, a Republican, said “I do not respond well to insults or threats” when reminded that he had been the Judas Iscariot to Georgia’s Christian community. But Deal, merely another craven politician, indeed bowed to the threats of big business to take their Almighty Dollars out of the State of Georgia and to the forces of political correctness.

The League of the South has said for the past two decades that the GOP did not represent the interest of Southerners or Christians. In fact, we pointed out that the Republicans were actual enemies of our Southern traditions and Christian faith. Nathan Deal is merely the latest GOP politician to prove how right we have been.

It’s time for Southerners to identify their enemies and kick them out of office and out of the South altogether. They mean to destroy us and all we hold dear, including our Christian faith. It is past time that we understand we are at war with an enemy that will not be placated. He only understands power. Let’s give him a dose of it.

Michael Hill