God bless the 4th of July?

battleflCook outs, fireworks, and Lee Greenwood on the airwaves (or perhaps Toby Keith) will characterize how most Americans–including Southerners, sadly–will celebrate the 4th of July or Independence Day. “God bless the USA,” indeed. What’s not to bless about a country that has just opened the doors of its military to the transgendered crowd? Or that continues to fund Planned Parenthood’s baby chop shops? Or that never sees a war it doesn’t want to fight? And I could go on  . . .

Back in 2001 when I lived in north Louisiana, after 9/11, I saw a gas station marquee that meant to say “God Bless America;” however, the “B” had fallen off, making the sign read “God less America.” I think it was a sign, no, I mean a real sign, like one from God Himself saying “Don’t mock me!” Anyhow, every time there is an outbreak of Lee Greenwoodism, I think of that sign and smile. And such a day is today.

Americans can “celebrate” their “independence” until the cows come home but what are they celebrating? It seems to me that they are celebrating being independent from common sense and Christian decency. They certainly are not independent from tyranny, the sort that made their brave ancestors take up arms. But that’s just me, I suppose.

Today’s American is too fat, happy, and entertained to do much of anything that would risk upsetting the elite ruling class. He will celebrate his illusory freedoms, never realizing his serfdom. He will tell you that the real reason we celebrate Independence Day is because all men are created equal, never realizing that his overlords laugh behind his back at the notion of them being equal to him. He will tell you he’s a free man because he has his guns and nobody’s going to take them except from his cold, dead hands, never realizing that that’s just what they’ll eventually do.

So on this Great Patriotic Day in America, I and my fellow Southern nationalists in The League will work for the survival, well-being, and independence of our people as if it were any other day. For us, it is one step closer to true independence, the kind our heroic ancestors would recognize.

Michael Hill