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As the only extant Southern Nationalist organization, The League of the South has taken upon itself the responsibility of speaking for the Traditional South. Someone else will have to speak for the New South; we want no part of it.

What we want:

To live in peace with the rest of the world, if possible;

To engage in fair trade with Europe, Asia, Latin America, and other emerging world markets;

To avoid entangling political and military alliances with all other nations;

To return to a sound currency and to re-establish a solid manufacturing base in the Southern States;

To help Southerners become freeholders by the ownership of family farms and small businesses;

To halt Third World legal and illegal immigration completely;

To protect our natural environment from the effects of over-population and irresponsible business practices;

To eschew aggressive war as a means of foreign policy, especially in the volatile Middle East and for the sake of the modern, secular state of Israel;

To preserve the South for Southerners (Whites) by establishing a Southern constitutional republic based on historic Christian principles and mores;

To withdraw from all international bodies which threaten national sovereignty;

To oppose globalization and the elite class that profits from it;

To destroy the Establishment’s political stranglehold by the Republican and Democrat parties.

What we don’t want:

To engage in “perpetual war for perpetual peace” nor to witness the shedding of any more Southern blood for the advancement of the American Empire or any foreign interests;

To rule the world by spreading global capitalism and global democracy;

To engage in unfair trade practices with other nations, either through so-called “free trade” agreements or through the establishment of protective tariffs;

To extend “most favored nation” status to any country;

To force the “Southern way” on any other people anywhere in the world;

To continue the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or to go to war with Iran;

To go to war against any nation except in self defense;

To continue the outsourcing of Southern jobs to other countries with lower wages;

To live for one more day in the godless, multicultural American Empire.

Though there are in 2007 relatively few Southern Nationalists, our ranks grow daily. As the perceptible decline of American society continues, thousands upon thousands will be added to our numbers. It is clear to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear that the entity we call The United States of America is in its death throes. It is hated abroad for its unprovoked aggression, especially in the Middle East; it is plagued by a rapidly declining dollar and a woefully bad economy, at least for the working classes; it has become a Third World-type exporter of raw materials and an importer of finished goods; it has run up massive trade deficits that cannot be sustained; it has become the world’s largest debtor nation and is in thrall to other nations which hold its outstanding debt; it is unwilling to protect its own borders against a huge influx of illegal immigration; it has abandoned the Christian principles and mores that once made it a stable and productive society; it has exported to the world a corrupt and corrupting culture of death; It has become overtly anti-White; it has cast aside its own governing document, and its elites now rule its citizens-turned-subjects by fiat backed by force or the threat of force; it no longer has an independent press that serves as a watchdog of government; it has demeaned true patriotism and replaced it with a dangerous and chauvinistic nationalism; and it has demonized anyone who speaks ill of the regime.

After World War Two, the phrase “Ugly American” was used to describe the pushy, know-it-all visitors who descended on the centuries-old civilizations of Europe with unwelcome advice on how to live the good life. Please understand, however, that these American travelers were not Southerners, who were largely still too poor in the middle of the 20th century to go to places such as London and Paris. Instead, the Ugly Americans were Yankees and Jews (not righteous northerners), who claim as a birthright telling others how to live. Today, it is still supercilious non-Southerners who give America a bad name. We are not they and they are not us! Please learn to distinguish between the two.

Unfortunately, over 140 years of propaganda directed toward a defeated and occupied South has convinced many of our Southern brothers and sisters that the Yankees were right. We believed we were a poor and backwards people, living in a benighted region with no hope for the future. But in reality, nothing was further from the truth. Today, the South, with a population of over 100 million and an economy behind only those of the remainder of the United States, China, and Japan (and considerably ahead of Germany, France, and Britain), is truly the epitome of an authentic nation. That is, we are a distinct people, steeped in tradition, living on our own lands. We have all that is necessary to offer a bright future of freedom and prosperity to our children and grandchildren. The only thing lacking at present is the will to use it for our benefit.

Though Southerners have been a patient and patriotic people, our patience is wearing thin, as is our willingness to sacrifice for those who use and exploit us for their own benefit. We Southerners are the blood descendants of those who played the largest role in carving a civilization out of the North American wilderness over the past few centuries. We have seen our accomplishments belittled and our civilization stolen from us. We will no longer tolerate living under an alien ruling class motivated by an alien ideology.

To the rest of the world we proclaim our allegiance to our own people and to our

God. By the same token, we withdraw whatever allegiance we might once mistakenly have given to the present regime. Henceforth, we seek to rule ourselves by our own principles and for our own well being.

May God vindicate our noble and just Cause.

Michael Hill

The League of the South

Killen, Alabama