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Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently announced what properly should be called QEternity. In other words, Quantitative Easing (the printing of money) will now be an open-ended process to infinity. If we can’t see this as the beginning of the end, then we are truly blind. Can you say “economic collapse” and “hyperinflation?”

As the American Empire’s economy and financial system crumbles, it becomes more and more likely that we will see social, political, and ethnic and racial chaos. Therefore, it behooves us as League members to be prepared for hard times. This will be an issue that we address on a regular basis from now on. This short essay is general in nature, but should give the reader an idea of how to begin preparing for his family’s needs.

The three basic needs are, of course, food and water, clothing, and shelter. Be sure to store away at least a three-month supply of non-perishable food items such as rice, dried beans, pasta, grits, flour and cornmeal, canned meats, fruits, and vegetables (rotate your supply of these items), salt, sugar, coffee, lard, etc. Don’t forget to store up a supply of non-hybrid seeds for planting a garden. You might want to plant some fruit trees, bushes, vines, and canes as well. Also, consider some sort of camp stove and fuel or a grill and a good supply of charcoal for cooking. If you have a well or spring you are pretty much set for drinking water. Be sure to make provision for getting water from your well minus an electric pumping system, however. If you don’t have a well or spring, I suggest you store up some bottled water for the short term (keep it away from heat and light); however, for a longer duration you might consider getting a high quality water purification system such as those used by missionaries and others who regularly travel to Third World countries. These things will make muddy water drinkable in short time and have the capacity to handle several thousand gallons of water before a filter change is necessary. Get rain barrels and collect water from God Himself!

Make sure you have a good supply of sturdy clothing (including boots, shoes, and plenty of laces) for all weather conditions and seasons. When hard times come, you’ll most likely be spending a good deal of time outdoors. Also, make provision to mend items you will not be able to replace. Fashion will be out and practicality will be in.

As for shelter, the first thing you should do is pay off your mortgage and own your home and some land (even if it’s just a half an acre on which you can plant a garden or have a few chickens) free and clear. Make sure you do needed repairs before the trouble begins. Remember, too, that if the power goes there will be no air conditioning and that most modern houses are not constructed to deal with the Southern summer heat and humidity minus AC. It can get miserable in a hurry. As for heating, don’t count on a ready supply of natural gas or propane. Rather, you will need to have access to a steady supply of wood for fireplace or wood stove or heater. That means stockpiling several cords or having the implements to cut your own. If possible, you might be able to have on hand enough gasoline and oil to power a chain saw for a while; however, don’t neglect those old fashioned axes and crosscut saws.

A few closing thoughts. First, preserve and protect your health. Get yourself in decent physical shape and get off any unnecessary medications. The foundation for sound health is eating good, natural food. Change your eating habits, if necessary. Learn some first aid skills and stockpile fundamental medical supplies. Second, buy some guns and buy them now—don’t wait until after Obama is re-elected because that’s when everyone will be buying. Also, buy lots of ammo (.223 or .308 caliber is the most common for long arms and 9mm, .357 or .45 ACP for side arms) and learn to shoot and defend yourself and your family. It’s also practical to have a .22 rifle (I recommend a Ruger 10-22) and a shotgun (a 12-gauge with buckshot and slug ammo). And again, I emphasize: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH AMMO! Be sure to abide by your State’s gun laws. Third, begin forming local communities. If you live in the heart of a big city or even the suburbs, consider getting out to a small town or rural area, preferably an area in which you know someone already living there and the demographics are favorable to your kind (my little community is 96% white). You don’t want to be “behind enemy lines” when the trouble starts.

And most importantly, read your Bible and pray.

These are basic recommendations. Your particular situation is unique; therefore, prepare according to your own specific needs and circumstances. But don’t wait too long to get started.—Michael Hill, Killen, Alabama