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The signs are everywhere, and they are irrefutable. The American Empire (A. E.) is in the process of imploding.

American military forces are strained to the limit in futile quagmires in Afghanistan and Iraq. Nonetheless, the Bush regime is pushing for war with Iran, the strongest Muslim country in the Middle East and an increasingly important player in international geopolitics. It remains to be seen how much restraint the new Democrat-controlled Congress will exert over Bush’s foreign policy. Moreover, Bush may attempt a military fait accompli in Iran (or elsewhere) between now and the swearing in of the new Congress in January.

The world is now past peak oil production, and to complicate matters further for the A.E., China and Russia are cooperating in an aggressive search to lock down far-flung oil reserves for their own future use. Should war break out between the A. E. and Iran, the latter likely will succeed in shutting down oil exports from the Persian Gulf, at least for a while. This, coupled with an unstable Nigeria and a hostile regime in Venezuela, would doubtless drive oil prices up dramatically.

Iran’s client state-within-a-state, Hezbollah, recently shocked the Western world by defeating an A. E.-backed conventional Israeli force in Lebanon. This stunning victory by Hezbollah sent a clear message: conventional forces do not fare well against well-trained and highly-motivated guerrilla fighters operating on their own territory. The A. E. is learning this lesson the hard way in Afghanistan and Iraq. This reality does not bode well for First World powers locked in Third World military hot spots.

The A. E.’s protracted military conflicts come at a time when the Bush regime has exhausted its diplomatic capital with traditional European allies. His staunchest—Tony Blair’s Britain—even is balking at “staying the course” in the ubiquitous “War On Terror.” The A. E., despite the delusion of being the world’s only remaining superpower, garners less respect from its friends or fear from its enemies with each passing day. In a world, it is becoming irrelevant.

At home, the crumbling of the A. E. is just as evident as it is on the wider world stage. The Bush regime claims to be serious about fighting the War On Terror, but cannot bring itself to protect a wide open Southern border. Its unwillingness to stem the floodtide of illegal immigrants, however, is beginning to awaken the ire of the American people. After years of talking about solving the problems of illegal immigration, the Congress has lost credibility with the people it purports to serve. Americans now know that nothing will be done to close the borders; in fact, evidence suggest that the Establishment elites—both Republican and Democrat–are planning on erasing the borders and building a North American Union by about 2010.

The Bush regime has taken advantage of the attacks of 11 September 2001 to impose a police state on the American people. By fomenting fear and confusion and by encouraging a chauvinistic worship of the central state (masquerading as old-fashioned patriotism) through a compliant national media, the A. E. has managed to get its USA Patriot Act and to gut the Constitution in the name of National Security. In the name of National Security and winning the War On Terror, Americans are brow-beaten to acquiesce to violations of their rights and property that would have caused our bold ancestors to take up arms. The resurgent Democrats will surely be no hope in restoring our lost Constitutional rights.

But National Security does not mean securing the people and their property; rather it means protecting the government and the officials who run it from whomever they deem as dangerous to their power and position. The imperial security state fears its own people as much as it fears foreign terrorists.

Other insurmountable problems plaguing the A. E. are a gargantuan national debt; a growing Latino separatist movement in the Southwest; a declining manufacturing base; a financially-strapped and increasingly restless Middle Class; an alarming trade deficit with China (who also holds massive amounts of U.S. debt); a fractured society resulting from the official adoption of the Enlightenment ideologies of forced equality, multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity; a failed state-sponsored “education” system; and a crumbling infrastructure and virtually ungovernable areas of major urban centers (including the national capital itself).

It should be obvious to even the casual observer of public affairs that the A. E. is creaking to its doom, and it does not matter which political party is in power. When the rotten structure finally collapses, it will take out many of those living under its rule. Already the deleterious effects on life in the end-times of the A. E. are evident. The American people now live in an all-pervasive “culture of death” that has resulted from their having banished the Christian God from public life. The material has replaced the spiritual as the motive force in American society. Whether in the form of unbridled capitalism or socialism, rampant materialism has reduced modern man to a frustrated consumer who must continually acquire the biggest and best product to fill the hole in his soul. Mick Jagger got it right when he sang some forty years ago: “Well I try, and I try, and I try, and I try, but I can’t get no satisfaction.”

We have been told by our intellectuals that everything, especially in the realm of morals and ethics, is relative. There are no objective, transcendent standards of truth, therefore nothing is really knowable. We are merely matter being pulled and jerked randomly through an uncertain universe that has no concrete laws of operation. Is it any wonder we need constant medication?

The basis for a free society is the ownership and use of private property. With the abolition of the Fourth Amendment by the USA Patriot Act and recent rulings regarding eminent domain, the security of private property has been compromised. The loss of the family farm and the domination of the production and marketing of farm products by government-supported agribusiness also threaten our well being, as does the inferior quality of food products available for consumption. It is no stretch to say that Americans are being poisoned by what they eat from the grocery shelves. All one has to do is look at the physical conditions of his neighbors to know what a sickly, out-of-shape society we have become.

Small business, once the backbone of the American economy, has been destroyed by Walmart-ization and treaties such as NAFTA and CAFTA. Most average Americans face the double whammy of depressed wages and rising prices. Those who manage to hold their own financially face the prospect of a broken retirement system (both private pension funds and Social Security). Health insurance is now so expensive that many cannot afford coverage, while the drug companies and other healthcare-related businesses are making record profits by pushing ever most dangerous medications (with FDA approval) upon an already over-medicated public.

Widespread government corruption and mismanagement run rampant, and whistle blowers are subjected to persecution and ridicule. A two-party system, with virtually the same agenda on both sides, has a lock on the electoral process. More and more Americans believe that the electronic vote tallying process on the national, State, and local levels is manipulated in favor of Establishment candidates. Low voter turnout is a symptom of lost faith in the process.

Our institutions, especially the media and the academy, have been taken over by proponents of political correctness, and the entire culture has been politicized. Those who run afoul of the PC Police often find themselves unemployed and unemployable. Hostility to orthodox Christianity continues to be spewed from our Jew-dominated centers of “culture.” However, these centers seem unable to create anything of lasting value for future generations. We are indeed living off the cultural, spiritual, and material capital bequeathed us by the much-maligned “dead white males” that once made Western Christendom the freest and most productive civilization the world has ever known.

What can be done to reform the A. E.? In a word, nothing. It is too far gone for reformation. What can we, as individuals, families, and communities, do to preserve ourselves and our way of life as the empire collapses around us? First, we can “abjure the realm” by withdrawing our allegiance from the corrupt institutions with which the A. E. has saddled us. Simply refuse to see the regime as legitimate. Obey it only because it literally has a gun pointed at your head. Work to convince your family, friends, and neighbors that the regime is illegitimate and offers them nothing of value. Pose this question: “What does the regime do that benefits you and your family and community?” One person, one family, one community at a time, the A. E. will see its support disappear.

We can learn to live more independently from the system that is destroying us day by day. For instance, learn to grow some of your own food. Plant a “Secession Garden” (like the old “Victory Gardens” of the WW II era). Support local small farmers and businesses that produce good, healthy food and keep your wealth in your community. Get yourself completely out of debt. Debt is the fuel that runs this infernal machine. Remember in the wake of the attacks of 11 September 2001 when Bush and his henchmen, fearful that their rigged financial and economic policies would be dealt a fatal blow, threw off the mask by pleading with American consumers not to allow the events of the day to keep them from amassing more debt? Want to be a good American patriot? Then whip out those credit cards and spend, spend, spend. By getting out of debt, you not only help yourself but you also deal a blow to the Imperial Corporate State.

In short, we must re-arrange our lives and get them in order so we can be prepared for the opportunities God will give us. As I stated earlier, the A. E. is on its way down. However, one thing we must guard against is the all-too-common tendency to settle for half measures. We in the League must never swerve from our full and total commitment to Southern independence. There must be no compromise for “reforming the system.” The system is broken and cannot be fixed. Moreover, the system has been the problem for us all along, and we should welcome its demise. Any attempts to shore it up in hopes that it will somehow be made to serve our interests must be resisted as if it were Satan incarnate.

I understand that many Southerners (as well as other Americans) may not fully comprehend our commitment to Southern independence. For their benefit, let me state unequivocally that the League of the South is not a heritage defense organization. Nor or we a political party. We are a Southern Nationalist movement that operates on several fronts– the social, cultural, economic, political, and educational—with an eye toward convincing our people of the rightness of our cause and its potential impact on their future as Southerners.

Over the years, many folks who joined our ranks departed because they grew impatient. But from the start we knew that this would be a long, hard struggle requiring patience and tenacity. Therefore, I salute those of you who have stuck it out and continue to fight with the League. We knew there would be successes and failures, highs and lows, and elation and disappointment. Some think that they can go it alone without the League or some other organization. They are wrong. While individuals keeping in contact via e-mail and the internet might form some sort of virtual community, they will never take the place of a flesh-and-blood organization. Also, to my knowledge, there is no organization other than the League committed fully to restoring a free and independent Southern Republic.

So as the A. E. plods to its inexorable doom, you have a choice. You can hope things turn out well or you can actually make plans to increase the chances that things do turn out well. You can act as an individual or you can join a dedicated community of men and women committed to a brighter future for the South. You can bury your head in the sand and pretend things are well or you can prepare yourself for action. But whatever course upon which you may decide, know this: the lowest circle of hell is inhabited by those who sat on the fence when their country and people needed them most. Let history show that we took the honorable course of Southern Patriots.

May God Save the South.

Michael Hill, Killen, Alabama, 31 October 2006