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The South must never subscribe to the flawed Jacobin notion of egalitarianism, nor should White Southerners cede control over their civilization and its institutions to another racial, ethnic, or religious group. Nowhere, outside of Marxist dogma, is any nation called upon to commit cultural and racial/ethnic suicide.

Let us in the League of the South, then, confidently and passionately defend our ethnic, cultural, and Christian religious heritage. After all, we have as much right to do this as anyone. Let us also not fall prey to the notion that any other group besides ourselves could (or would) defend and preserve the biblically-based rule of law and the moral code that have supported our Southern society since its formation. Undoubtedly, the progressive and Trotskyite neo-conservative pundits—and even some of our own people–will attempt to smear us as “racists,” “xenophobes,” or “anti-Semites” because we stand up for ourselves and our Western Christian posterity. This is, regrettably, unavoidable because we are confronted by fundamentally dishonorable and dishonest people who substitute the ad hominem attack for rational debate. Therefore, we are obliged to develop thick hides to fend off the attacks that will inevitably come.

But whatever comes, let us speak the unvarnished truth and continue to work positively for the interests of our own people. And of course this means protecting ourselves when necessary, individually and collectively.

Today’s white Christian Southerners are the blood descendants of the men and women who settled this country and gave us the blessings of freedom and prosperity. To give away this inheritance in the name of   “equality” or “fairness” would be unconscionable. As the posterity of the Founders and of Lee, Jackson, Forrest, and Davis, let us summon the courage to defend the sublime blessing the God of the Ages has given us. No one else will do it for us.

Michael Hill, President, The League of the South

22 August 2012, from Killen, Alabama