Free Magnolia deal

As mentioned a few days ago, the new issue of The Free Magnolia is in the national office. I’m so anxious to get this issue distributed that I’m offering 100 of the new with 100 of a good back issue (of which we have several left, at least a few hundred copies) for the total price of $25 (and that includes book rate postage paid).

We take great pride in the content and the look of The Free Magnolia. We’re in our 15th year (2007-2022) of publication (from 1994 through 2006 we published The Southern Patriot). This is the best “in real life” printed recruitment tool that we have. Let’s use it. The time is right for our message.

Send your order today to: LS, PO Box 760, Killen, Alabama 35645. Note on check or money order (and we do take cash) that it’s for Free Magnolias.

Thanks in advance for supporting our efforts. All money raised will be plowed back into future issues of the tabloid.–Michael Hill