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Southerner, do you curl up in the corner and tremble in fear when someone calls you a “racist?” Neither do we.

Because the enemies of the South have employed the term “racist” so frequently that is has all but lost its sting among our people, the South-haters have changed their tactics in hope of finding a new chink in our armor. Instead of yelling “racist” at every turn, they now charge that our ancestors were “traitors,” and so are we if we celebrate and defend the cause for which they fought. Frequently over the last couple of decades numerous articles and editorials contend that anyone who waves the Southern flags—including our own new Southern Nationalist Black (or Sable) Cross–and speaks well of our Southern way of life is paying homage to an anti-progressive, retrograde worldview and is probably a “domestic terrorist” to boot.

Much of this leftist angst against the South stems from events of 150 years ago. Why do they insist on “living in the past?” We in The League prefer to live and work in the present with an eye on the future. Thus my response in defense of the old Southern cause will be brief. Southerners had every right to secede and form their own nation-state in 1860-61. There was no “rebellion.” It was thus impossible for our Confederate ancestors to have committed treason against a country to which they no longer belonged. The same fundamental right of self-determination still exists today. Rather than the South having to justify its clearly moral and legal position over the last 150 years, the burden of defense should properly fall on those who seek to destroy our Southern inheritance, and by implication, all things Western and Christian.

Why do the neo-con and leftist elites still rage against the “traitorous” South and its traditional culture and symbols? The stock answer has been because all that the South stands for—orthodox Christianity, honor, hierarchy, loyalty to place and kin, patriarchy, respect for the rule of law (just law—not what passes for “law” in modern America)—represents an obstacle to the elite’s lust for absolute power and its trappings. This is a correct assessment, but only one side of the coin.

The other side reveals that the elites (including many false, respectable “conservatives”) have for long attempted to cover up the fact that their ideology, born in the misnamed “Enlightenment” and regnant on these shores since 1865, has been a rebellion against the fundamental law (their own Constitution, which favored the growth of consolidated government) as well as God’s law. This rebellion against the rule of law has not only wrecked the South but the rest of America as well. Thus the conclusion: It is the elites who are the real traitors and domestic terrorists. And they should be treated as such.

The treason of the elites involves such enormities as progressive universalism, the enemy of organic nationalism; the destruction of middle class jobs by exporting them to the low-wage Third World; floodtide immigration that is intended to replace the founding stock with a more pliable Third World population; the destruction of the right of habeas corpus by the National Defense Authorization Act which allows the President to declare any American citizen an Enemy of the State, followed by arrest and permanent detention without trial; no Fourth Amendment and no privacy (only a criminal would want privacy, right?); draconian gun control measures that are meant to disarm the populace and make them unable to defend their rights and property; the deliberate destruction of the dollar; anti-White, anti-Western, and anti-Christian laws and policies, including support for homosexuality, transgenderism, and pedophilia; confiscatory taxation; and that devilish trinity of tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism that is crammed down the throats of our children in public indoctrination centers. There are more, but you get the idea.

This is modern America! These are the hallmarks of a totalitarian police/surveillance state in the making. It is anti-white and anti-Southern, and we in The League want no part of it.

How do these criminal elites and their regime mask this unlawful and immoral agenda? By shifting the focus away from their own actions and onto the actions of those who oppose them. It is fashionable and expedient in elite circles today to demonize the traditional South as evil incarnate. In doing so, they turn attention away from the purposeful mess they have made of America. Were it not for the dark anachronism of the South, so they say, America could take its place among the modern, progressive nations of the world. She would be finally done with many of her “bitter clingers” in the Southern sector of flyover country.

The prime symbol of this “Southerners as racists, traitors, and domestic terrorists” theme is, of course, the St. Andrews Cross in its many manifestations. Interestingly enough, this cross has become in many places outside the U.S an emblem against tyranny of all stripes. For instance, the starry St. Andrews cross of the historic Confederate battle flag, and not the Stars and Stripes, has been used by freedom-loving people from East Germany, to the Baltic States, to the states of the former Yugoslavia, to the Sudan. Criticism of Southern flags by the elites draws attention away from the symbolism of the U.S. flag—a much hated and maligned symbol across the world–in these latter days of empire and constant war. It goes without saying that if the Stars and Stripes represented a light yoke, few people would be taking it down and flying its antithesis, the St. Andrews Cross. Nor would we be witnessing a growing guerrilla information campaign with tens of thousands of “Secede,” “,” and “Feds Out of Dixie” stickers plastered across the South.

All our Southern Nationalist banners and slogans stand defiantly because the elites have renewed their attack on the South with a vengeance—we are consider in the same category as domestic terrorists. The rising political and economic power of Southerners who are fed up with an intrusive, exploitative, and increasingly despotic central government makes them a high-priority target for the unholy alliance that is partisan politics in DC these days. More and more average Southerners are concerned about the abrogation of the Bill of Rights, and the lawless nature of the regime in power has them on edge. The proliferation of our flags and Southern Nationalist slogans is but the outward manifestation of resistance; some things remain hidden (but will eventually surface in due time).

The traditional South has rejected the elite’s culture, if it can be called such. That culture is the culture of death: abortion, AIDS, euthanasia, drugs, crime, sodomy, false religions, etc. Those who have embraced this culture of death have destroyed their own house, as it were. Now they are intent on destroying everyone else’s. The elites desire to make everything public and thus falling within their grasp. Every human institution must be made subject to control by the central state, and human autonomy (e.g. the Universal Rights of Man) must trump all inherited cultural traditions. Such is the elites’ particular brand of treason.

Since 1865, the U.S. flag has gradually come to stand for a corrupt imperial regime that visits upon its citizens-cum-subjects—and increasingly on the entire world–expropriations that would have driven our ancestors to open and active resistance. The U.S. government is indeed an organized criminal enterprise that defines the limits of its own power. Conversely, our noble Southern banners and the various State flags in the South have come to represent resistance to this tyranny and a movement for the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people.

Why should Southerners continue to feel patriotic toward a regime—and the flag and other accoutrements that represent it—that is openly dispossessing them and their children and grandchildren? We in The League have a better option—Southern independence. Join us and make it reality!

SN flag shield from Harold Crews


  1. .Southerner, do you curl up in the corner and tremble in fear when someone calls you a “racist?” Neither do we . . ..

    No, Dr. Hill … I ‘curl up and tremble, in the corner’, at the wholesale apathy, to our culture, and love for Federalism our people have.

  2. An eloquent and well written piece. Patrick J. Buchanan would find you his equal as a wordsmith. The Southern people are indeed fortunate to have you at the forefront of Southern Nationalist thought and action. Not all men find it, but you sir are a man who has found his place in history.

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