For Kith and Kin

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

– Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, 19 November 1863

The League of the South, unlike the progressive USA regime, is not wedded to a universal proposition–equality, democracy, or the rights of man–but to a real historical order based on blood and soil, kith and kin. Ignoring the history of the settlement of North American history, progressives insist that the United States is a “proposition nation.” By that they refer to the opening line of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and allow Lincoln’s silly and false assertion to re-write American history and make the United States the carrier of a revolutionary philosophy that our ancestors would have rejected with contempt. Those men and women understood, of course, that lasting nations arise organically, from religion, people, soil, and tradition.

Abstraction or Reality?

But for the past half-century, both liberal Democrats and neo-conservatives Republicans have worked to discredit nature: that a human’s first temporal allegiance is to kith and kin. These self-appointed social engineers are trying to reshape Creation according to their own false notions of good and evil. Attempting to rebuild the Tower of Babel, they would nullify the Biblical and historical reality of true nationhood.

Southerners once commonly understood that a nation is not some abstract theory or proposition. Such threads are too weak to bind a nation. Only blood and shared tradition supplies that cement. As Southerner Stark Young wrote in So Red the Rose, “It’s not to our credit to think we began today and it’s not to our glory to think we end today. All through time we keep coming in to the shore like waves, like waves. You stick to your blood, son; there’s a fierceness in blood that can bind you up with a long community of life.”

Long before Stark Young, Patrick Henry, the greatest of the American Founders, had already recognized this. “We are descended from a people whose government was founded on liberty; our glorious grandfathers of Great Britain made liberty the foundation of everything. We draw that spirit of liberty from our British ancestors.”

Buried Under Strangers

Today, totalitarians of all stripes champion “equality” by pushing for an “open door” immigration policy to the Third World. They don’t care whether the thousands upon thousands of Muslims, Latinos, negroes, and other non-Western peoples threaten the economic, racial, ethnic, and cultural balance of the US or any other White country. Rather, since they hold sacred the “rights of man,” they view America as the world’s first universal nation, dedicated to the “proposition” that all men and cultures are created equal. In short, this is the Jew Narrative of American history, and it is a lie.

The Immigration and Naturalization (Hart-Celler) Act of 1965, subsequent legislation, and judicial edicts have allowed into the US millions of non-Europeans while closing the “Golden Door” to European immigrants. They encourage Third World immigrants—both legal and illegal—to maintain their own cultures and languages while plundering America’s tax­paying citizens.

Echoing In Our Ears

If history does not repeat itself, it certainly echoes. The imperial United States today recalls the Roman Empire when Germanic tribes were over­running Rome’s frontier. No deep-rooted racial or cultural antagonism lay between Roman and German because the tribesmen envied and admired Roman civilization—as far as they understood it. To destroy Rome was not their wish; to save Rome was beyond them. Not having created it, they could never understand what made it work.

Eventually, even under the best circumstances, a huge alien influx loyal only to their own prosperity will weaken and destroy a civilization. They lack both the desire and the understanding to preserve vital institutions, but meanwhile their numbers will overrun the native population. Should that happen here, Americans (including our own Southern people) will cease to control the homeland bequeathed us by our ancestors—generations of noble and honorable men and women.

Perhaps we will suffer a fate worse than Rome’s. Already, radical Latinos have launched a reconquista [re-conquest] of the U.S. southwest, while the White House and federal judges thwart volunteer efforts to turn back the tide. Never mind the speechifying, what do government actions show? Which side have our rulers taken? Clearly, not ours.

Survive or Die

To survive and prosper, we have to adopt Frank Owsley’s attitude. The great Southern historian who said, “The term ‘Folk’ has for its primary meaning a group of kindred people, forming a tribe or nation [in the truest sense of the word]; a people bound together by ties of race, language, religion, custom, tradition, and history… A folk thus possesses a sense of solidarity and is quite different from a conglomerate mass of people. It has most if not all of the characteristics of nationalism [again, properly defined]. Indeed, it may be contended with much force that there can be no true nationalism where the population does not constitute a folk.”

Our primary objective should be to preserve our people—kith and kin—on their ancestral lands. Without our land, we cannot exist. The Southern people are not a “universal idea” any more than Germany, England, or Spain. There can be no Scotland in France among the French, but only in Scotland among the Scots. Once we secure our future as “the Southern people,” then, and only then, can we drive out our enemies and gain our independence. The South is a true nation built on realities of place and kinship and history. Without it, we cannot survive.

What Do We Need?

A South where our borders are sealed against massive immigration.

A South where the Southern people protect their interests from the ravages of multiculturalism and phony diversity.

A South where a prosperous, self-confident, and distinct people can welcome into its ranks, by its own choice and on its own terms, productive and sympathetic immigrants.

A South with no Jews or Jew influence.

A South that will be a beacon to those nations defending a traditional way of life against abstract ideologies and a new world order.

A South where Southerners can answer beyond doubt “Who are we?”

When we know who we are and are willing to defend ourselves and our posterity, then we shall be a truly free people. If we fail to grapple with this basic question, we shall end up in the proverbial “dust bin of history”—unsung, unworthy, and unlamented.

Michael Hill

Killen, Alabama