Florida League stands against Communists in Miami

During the next few days, while the Democratic National Convention is starting up in Philadelphia; Bernie Sanders supporters are gathering.  #MarchForBernieUSA will be hosting rallies in cities across the United States.  This group, made up of anti-White Communists & Black Lives Matter members, wants to “carry on the cause” of Bernie Sanders. One such rally was held today in Miami, Florida; and the League of the South was there to counter these scoundrels! Below is a report from League member Chris Cedeno:

After finding out that American leftist were planning to hold a rally in my area I immediately took to the offensive to stand against the delusional socialist parasites, thus a counter demonstration was held to notify them that they and their globalist anti Southern agenda weren’t allowed in our state. It consisted of only my father and myself as there are no other active League members in South Florida at this time. Eventually more Marxist began arriving after a few minutes of us being there and then the chanting of “black lives matter” was heard and about a dozen BLM members were present. I counted about 6o people in total. They spouted their typical anti white rhetoric and claimed that their “peaceful protest” was the answer to racism and violence across the US. Then they began singing “we shall overcome” and continued to spout more of their communist narrative, stating that capitalism had to end if our environment was to survive and that borders were “fascist obstacles against world peace and equality”. After about an hour of standing against them a news reporter from Spain interviewed me and actually thanked me for taking a stand against socialism. He then went on and asked me about our organization and its goals and I told him that we seek to create our own government which will represent the Southern people and their values as well as culture. Which are a small limited confederated government which will consist of Southerners and only southern statesmen selected by the people of the South. A government which will protect its borders and uphold Christianity and traditional western civilization, as well as preserve Southern identity. A government which will stay out of the lives of the people and only work to defend them from foreign threats.


Afterwards the leftist began to leave as their rally came to a close, however a few decided to walk over and debate with me. I told them that our goals were secession and that they were very misguided to believe any politician would actually have good intentions for them, I also reminded them that their candidate sold out to Hillary, which they did not respond to. I then went on to explain that equality is enslavement and that we’d all be better off as independent nations, and that borders are necessary for the existence of a country or nation. Once the leftist walked off we headed for home, and although we were outnumbered we were victorious as we had made our message clear, communist aren’t welcome here in our great state of Florida.




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