Fighting back

If one largely untrained, but skilled, 17-year-old young White man can cause this much fear & angst among BLM/Antifa and their supporters, think what 1,000 trained, skilled, experienced, and dedicated White men could accomplish. Maybe that’s coming together right now, who knows? If that’s what is takes to preserve our lives, liberties, and property–our civilization–then let it be.

The League of the South supports the right to self defense. It is the most fundamental of all things. Kyle Rittenhouse exerted his right to self defense recently in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during a riot by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Being chased in the street and having his life threatened by assailants with firearms, Kyle fought back, killing two and wounding one. He was arrested on murder charges.

We pray that he will receive justice at the hands of the court. In our eyes, he is a heroic young man who acted with a cool head and great skill with his AR-15 under life-threatening conditions. May many like him rise to meet the ongoing threat to all we hold dear.

Michael Hill