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Most Frequently Asked Questions about The League of the South 

Q. What is The League of the South?
A. A Southern Nationalist organization

Q. What is Southern Nationalism?
A. A movement to promote the survival, well being, and independence of the Southern People

Q. Who are the Southern People?
A. Southerners of European descent who are committed to preserving the traditional culture of the South

Q. What is the traditional culture of the South?
A. European, mainly Anglo-Celtic and Christian, folkways that are peculiar to our region and are rooted in a firm belief in a kith & kin nation

Q. What is a kith & kin nation?
A. A particular people with a distinct culture living on their own established territory

Q. What do you mean by Anglo-Celtic?
A. People whose ancestors came from the British Isles

Q. Is The League of the South a Christian organization?
A. While most of our members are Christian, there is no religious affiliation required to be a member

Q. Is The League a “racist” organization?
A. “Racist” is a slur used by anti-Whites. We are pro-South and pro-White.

Q. Is The League a “hate group?”
A. We are a “love” group. We love our People and the South

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