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Me at national conference 2 July 2015Congratulations, Leftists, You have won. You have taken over the West and now your worldview is triumphant. Europe, America, and the other former lands of Christendom lie within your grasp. The Age of Enlightened Utopia has arrived. So, congratulations, Leftists, you have won.

But what is it that you have won? You have made us, particularly Christian Southerners, afraid and ashamed to stand up for our God and thus for the civilization with which He blessed us. Quite a feat, really, considering there was a time when Christian men would actually fight for their patrimony and declare it good. But not these modern “men”—clergy included, sadly—who whimper and moan their mea culpas on cue about all the wrongs of which they have been charged by the Left: racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, etc., etc.

Now, thanks to your victory, there aren’t any limits on what a man—or surely a woman—may be or become. Be trans-gendered and marry your pet. The bursting of the bonds of narrow Christian limitations is manifest in a thousand new human rights discovered every day in the unfettered Leftist imagination! And we silly Traditionalists thought those Universal Human Rights were going to end with the civil rights movement.

You have told us that all men, and all cultures, are equal. Or at least men have been forced to say they believe that they are. Procrustes has nothing on you! And once a man convinces himself of the rightness and goodness—and the necessity—of Equality, he will then lay down everything he values on that altar. Even to the point of destroying the future for his children and grandchildren to prove how enlightened he is. Otherwise, he could lose his job and starve to death, along with his family.

In your quest for Equality, you victorious Leftists have made it manifest in the material world. It’s not good enough to keep it in slogans—“All men are created equal.” No, it must be brought down to the material world in the form of the franchise and swag.

And because you don’t believe in God or sin, you have convinced the rest of us that all evil is external to man himself and can be eradicated by the right sort of education and social programs. So we now have the modern, post-Christian education system in all its eloquent glory (Common Core here we come!) Moreover, we have the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Caesar/God-on-the-Potomac and its counterpart in Brussels to give us our daily bread (and other “free” stuff). Never mind that they are financially bankrupt . . .

Speaking of all that prosperity that somehow just magically appeared (you didn’t do that yourself, as Obama reminded us) in all those European Christian countries, you have convinced the Third World that it deserves a share of it all. Hence, you have set a devouring Free Stuff Army on a worldwide march, destination London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Stockholm, and all our hamlets, large and small, here in the New World. You have given husky legs to Jean Raspail’s 1970s dystopian novel, The Camp of the Saints!

You, O conquering Leftists, have Imagined! And in doing so you’ve not only imagined away Heaven … and Hell, but borders as well. We used to have those, and they denoted our nations’ political boundaries. To cross one without permission was an egregious violation that often led to death and war. But it also kept traditional men in their respective places, something you did not like. It gave us backward thinking Neanderthals something we could call “ours.” So now that our Western countries are allowed no borders, we are little more than extended-stay motels (run of course by Indians) for the world. As the mantra says: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, and European Countries for everyone! We have no place to call our own anymore, and if we dare claim we do, we are quickly put back in our place by the usual epithet: racist, xenophobic Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews! And we slink back to our diminished (and still diminishing) little corners.

Oh, I could go on but what’s the use. We know what you’ve done to undermine our civilization … to make it crash and burn. We know the plan and how it works.

It was never about making a better world for the poor and disadvantaged. They are just your do-gooder foil, the mask to hide the monster. It was to satiate your misanthropic hunger because just beneath that sanctimonious visage, you are a hater of all that is truly human. Yours is the whole-world Cloward-Piven strategy on steroids. Wealth, power, and position is your game. And your end goal is the same as it was in the Garden so long ago: The Serpent wants to replace God and rule humanity. You are the Serpent’s offspring, the children of the Father of Lies.

But you know you still have a prickly problem to face, right? Some of us will not recognize your “victory” as permanent. We will not go gently into that night, to paraphrase one of our great poets. We will cling to our God and our guns. We will fight back, and you know it. In fact, you knew all along that we—men and women of European descent, the inheritors of Christendom—were your only real nemesis on this earth. You knew from the start what that meant if you were to achieve complete victory: you would have to eliminate us. But you were not sure you could pull it off, were you? It also made you feel a little creepy and hypocritical, didn’t it? I mean, after all the whining and moaning you have done (and still do) about past examples of genocide, you really had to make us believe you were the perpetual victims, even as you sharpened your blades to eviscerate us.

Well, some of us are on to you and your plans. We will no longer play the game on your turf and by your rules. We will no longer succumb to your guilt manipulation. We are throwing off your shackles. We are rising in Europe and in America. We are nationalists—French, English, Scottish, German, Danish, Swedish, and Southern, among others—and our lands and our civilizations belong to us. Your universalism is doomed. And so are you. So enjoy your little short-lived triumph before the tidal wave of nationalism washes you away.

Michael Hill

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  1. World War III is inevitable.

    All the Saints of the Greek Orthodox Church have made this prophecy in the last 40 years.

    A Great War in which Orthodox Russia will fight against Zionist NATO.

    The War will be fought in two phases.

    In Phase 1, Turkey will make an aggressive move against Greece in the Aegean sea.

    The two ancient rivals will fight each other for a few days.

    Then, Russia will attack Turkey.

    Turkey will be destroyed by the Russians within a few days and Istanbul will be liberated and renamed CONSTANTINOPLE.

    In Phase 2, NATO will respond and attack Russia.

    The Russian Army will storm through Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

    China will enter the War in Russia’s side.

    The biggest battle will be fought in the Middle East.

    NATO will eventually stop the Russian advance.

    Russians will return to their homeland.

    The United States will suffer tremendous casualties and – as a result – it will cease being a World power ; there will not be “America” as we know it anymore.

    Constantinople will be given back to Greece and it will become a Christian City again ; Turks will return to Central Asia , where they came from.

    Germany will have a Nationalist government and it will become strong and independent again.

    A White Africaner State will be formed in South Africa with the help of New Germany.

    A New Civilization and a new financial system will emerge.

    These are the Orthodox prophecies – broadly.

    The Time is near.

    Be prepared !!!

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