Crushing Atlanta City Birds

For the past 30 years Georgia has been becoming less and less Southern. This is a fact that is backed by the last census with Georgia currently being 57% White as of 2022 according to the World Population Review. This sudden change is due to immigration from Asia, Central America and greater Yankeedom. This has caused Georgia to radically change from its 70% White in the 1980s. When one compares it, we’ve seen entire counties flip from hotbeds of Southern culture to hotbeds of degeneracy and “multiculturalism.” The shining moment of this disgrace was the state voting for Biden and then a heretical black “preacher” and a liberal to the Senate. Given this crisis it is time for true Georgians to begin seeking serious ways to curb this danger.

For starters we need a way to quickly avoid our state falling into Democrat hands. While we as Southern Nationalists realize the GOP leadership is not our friend, we must not kid ourselves into thinking Democrats controlling the Gold Dome is somehow better. Virginia, recently wrested from anti-White Democrats, is a shining example of what happens with these Demons running your state. The League of the South and other dissident right groups were railroaded by the Democrat Governor of the state who declared martial law at Charlottesville and sent in his baton carrying goon squad to cause chaos. We have yet to see this level of direct aggressive sabotage by state officials done to the League elsewhere. We must assume this was due to their former Governor being a hardline anti-Southern, anti-white Democrat. If we look at Georgia so far, the state has managed to maintain the majority of its heritage due to good Southern folks pressuring the state GOP to do so. While we lost our 2001 flag we managed and have kept the Confederate stars and bars as our flag. We still have Confederate Generals and portraits aligning our state building but you can’t say the same for Virginia where we’ve seen Confederate Avenue destroyed by the vile rulers of that city.

So, what should we do? Many may have you think that “Georgia is a lost cause” but in reality, in the present moment Georgia is a “purple state” not a “blue one.” If Virginia can vote in a Republican Governor, we can have hope that Georgia can crush and permanently defeat the foreign invaders who hate us and our people. This brings us to the main point of this article; we must re-adopt the county unit system.

For those who do not know, the county unit system was used in Georgia from 1917-1962 by the Democratic Party then run by Southerners. The system gave 3 classifications to Georgia counties with an assigned vote count. Urban counties had 6 votes, towns had 4 and rural had 2. The top eight most populous counties were given the urban category with the next 30 people labeled towns with the rest of the state’s counties being automatically given rural. This insured the least populated of Georgia were given representation. In a sense this was a fairer electoral college for the state which ensured all regions were represented rather than a single 3 or 4 cities dominating the entire state.

This system worked incredibly well as we saw both the Tom Watson machine dominate the 1910s and then the Talmadge political machine. Both of these men, Watson a US Senator and Talmadge a 4-time elected Governor steered Georgia on a populist pro-Southern course. Both men carried the Agrarian Southern tradition strongly. In 1945-1946 with the crushing of Fascism in Europe sparking a symphony of liberal egalitarianism there was a sudden tip to begin “modernizing Georgia”. This movement was centered around Urban cities and was led by “young progressives” who saw their home folk as “backwards and hicks”. Thus, they sought to win the Governorship in 1946 by backing a liberal businessman named John Carmichael. To cut to the chase they won the popular vote that year but lost the county unit system thus allowing the battled right-wing populist Talmadge to win the election. Even today many carpetbagger intellectual “historians” bemoan this race as a crucial defeat for “Southern liberalism”. It was indeed as the liberal hysteria caused by the victory of World War 2 gave way to cooling and wiser heads (in Georgia at least) thus allowing a return to traditional normality that is the modern-day image of the 1950s.

The county unit system is exactly what Georgia needs to put the brakes on and then reverse the political, moral and cultural effect of “multiculturalism”. Let it be noted Biden did not win any more counties than Hillary did in 2016. This means effectively while Georgia is getting more liberal it is not a drastic statewide change but one taking place in the urban areas of Metro-Atlanta. For example, Fulton County alone is 10% of the state’s population with over a million people. Cobb county and Dekalb both are around 7% of the overall population making up a combined 24% of the overall state’s population in just 3 counties. It should be known that all three counties are heavily Democrat with Fulton being 72% for Biden in 2020. While we argue if the election was stolen or not, we must realize if it was it was due to the race being extremely close. While for now it only helped get the Biden regime to take power, if this change is allowed it will have serious effects for not just Georgia but the future of all the South.

By enacting the county unit system, we will permanently stop Democrats from perverting our state into another colony like they have done to Virginia, Delaware and Maryland for decades. The only way to stop the anti-Southern takeover of the state is to effectively and politically neuter metro-Atlanta. The county unit system would do this by capping their power to only a certain amount of county unit votes. Considering most of Atlanta and other counties are filled with foreigners we must see this as being the nicest option to these people so hostile to us, our values and our God. It should be noted that if the CUS had been effective in 2020 Trump would have won with 308 of the votes against Biden’s 102 count votes. To win in statewide races one would need to win 206 out of 410 of the county unit votes which Trump easily won. The same applies to the 2018 Governor’s race in which Kemp only won one more county than Trump did in 2020. By adopting this county unit system, we will effectively be caging the Atlanta city bird for decades. Doing so will allow us to pass social conservative legislation, such as total ban on abortion and stronger heritage protection acts that we want without fearing electoral backlashes from the usurpers in Metro-Atlanta.

Many will claim this is not possible as the county unit system was struck down in 1962 by the Supreme Court in Gray v Sanders. This ruling was illegal and unconstitutional just as Roe v Wade was. Thus, we believe the state should pass it while we still have a Republican General Assembly and Governor. There is a chance the Supreme Court will overrule their old decision and if not, we should nullify their ruling. We know good and well it is Georgia’s right to decide what system she does elections with.

By adopting the county unit system, this would immediately make secession more possible for our state.  Already polls are indicating ⅔ of Southern Republicans want a national divorce. With Georgia firmly under our control we can begin doubling down on our values and eyeing up secession alongside our Southern sister states.