Corporate blackmail in the Peach State

Jim Crow is back again in Georgia. Millions of poor innocent blacks are being repressed by the “bigoted” Georgia state government. At least this is what the establishment media has been crying over ever since Georgia passed its new voting bill. A bill which merely seeks to make sure mysterious nobodies can’t just walk up and toss a vote for whomever as many times as they want. The media, after relentlessly bragging about how Georgia’s been added to their collection of corrupted Southern states due to the November sham, have now changed the tune to declare Jim Crow has risen from the grave. One should take careful consideration as to why such a change from them and the surprising response from Republican leaders.

To start off, this shindig is nothing new to Georgia. In 2015, big corporations played the same saber-rattling show to shut down Georgia’s Religious Freedom Bill. A bill which they made out to be “homophobic and discriminatory”. In truth, it was a bill to protect Christian believers from having to be forcefully humiliated into “baking the cake” and catering to sexual degenerates. So Hollywood and big tech all jumped on board the bandwagon of economically destroying Georgia. They won, as the cowardly former Republican Governor Nathan “Limp Knee” Deal capitulated and vetoed the legislation. Since then we’ve seen this aggressive tactic of corporate bullying play out in South Carolina, Mississippi and North Carolina.

Now nearly six years later these “woke” corporations seek to do the same.  They have called it a “voter suppression bill” and demanded every corporate stooge fall in line to bring the Empire State of the South to its knees. This time, however, our political leaders have surprisingly stepped up to defy the lies of the media. Even the exiled former President has made a statement calling for a counter boycott against the woke corporations. While this is great news that indicates the state GOP is starting to fight back, it may be too little, too late.  I see this bill as a beginning of a final struggle to rescue Georgia’s soul from being ripped out by woke carpetbaggers and other gutter trash in Atlanta.  Kemp and the Georgia GOP realized that Atlanta played them for fools in last November’s election and then steam rolled the two former milquetoast US Senators, neither of whom had much real substance other than not being a Democrat. Everyone in Georgia is looking not to 2024 but next year, in which Kemp likely will face Miss Gap Tooth (Stacey Abrams) for Governor. If she wins it will be due to a combination of cheating and maximizing the black belt vote and the urban Atlanta vote. Considering this, the GOP in Georgia now sees her as a serious threat, though she is and always has been such.

Ironically,  big tech  pitched a similar fit when Georgia passed its “Heart Beat Bill”, to protect the unborn, in 2019. However, they seemed a bit weak in their reactions, largely due to how quick Georgia passed it. Nonetheless, the legislation was struck down, not by Kemp but by the federal courts.

Indeed, despite this good news from the Georgia General Assembly, we should recall that any truly positive Christian-based state legislation will be shot down by tyrannical federal courts. Democrats seem to have forgotten this and thus decided to act impulsively to break Georgia. I doubt in the end their efforts of corporate blackmail will work on the entrenched Georgia GOP this time. At least I hope and pray not. 

Despite this we should remember the long game. Georgia will only continue down this path until we can throw off the yoke of the D.C Swamp and its woke corporate allies. The corporate element of the country will stop at nothing to force their agenda down our throats. They are the enemy of Southerners, and we would  be better off seeing that than holding on to old notions of the free market. While being aggressive on the state level is a positive, we can only expect total victory and the redemption of Georgia when it once again seeks the freedom it sought in 1861. The moment Georgia secedes, one can expect the majority of the suburban-urban carpetbagger-scalawag bloc in Georgia to pack their bags and head back to their ghetto-fied slums on the Northeast and West Coasts. With that we will end up cutting the Democratic vote state wide to the black belt, around 36%. It is here where we will finally see true reform and liberty as we can freely pass the laws we see fit. If such corporations have an issue with that, let them leave and take their thirty pieces of silver with them.

Dixie Anon, a Georgia LS member