Confederate monuments are coming down in NOLA

lee-circle-nola-message-nov-2016Today as many Southerners celebrate Confederate Memorial Day, workers, guarded by heavily-armed police, began dismantling four Confederate monuments (see one of them at right, replete with graffiti message to whites) in the city of New Orleans. Much of the shameful work was done in the dark of night. One cannot help but think that the New Orleans city fathers chose this particular day to begin dismantling those cherished monuments simply to rub salt into the wounds of the Southern people. We shall not forget.

My Southern nationalist compatriot Brad Griffin at Occidental Dissent has posted an excellent piece on this subject:

After 1968, few whites protested as negro “civil rights” leaders–especially the sainted MLK, Jr.–were honored all across the South with streets, schools, parks, and other things named after them. But now that negroes, aided by craven politicians and turncoat “Chamber of Commerce” type whites, have the upper hand in certain areas in the South, they have decided to play a different game. And the long-standing “heritage” groups throughout Dixie are powerless to stop them for fear of being called “racists.”

I spent some time in Northern Ireland back in the early 1980s and have long been a student of Ireland’s battle to free itself from British rule. A century ago, the IRA began a tradition of sorts. For every one Irish nationalist house that was burned by the Brits, three British loyalist houses would be burned as a reprisal. Perhaps there is a lesson in this for Southerners who wish to preserve the South for their posterity instead of turning it over to the savage elements that now control places like New Orleans.

If the anti-South forces want to play by hard ball rules, then that can be arranged. Buaidh no bas!

Michael Hill