Clean water and civilization: a cautionary tale

Jacob Zuma Mar 2017Several things are synonymous with civilization. One of them is a steady supply of clean, potable water.

I have recently seen several reports saying that Capetown, South Africa, once the zenith of modern civilization on the African continent, is set to run out of water by this spring. Some reports from the area suggest that they might not make it past mid-February.

What would a logical man, with a fundamental knowledge of history and a streak of honesty, draw from this situation? That modern civilization is dependent on the White Man for its creation and sustenance. When he is gone or out of power, the garden he has created reverts quickly to a howling wilderness . . . without clean water and other amenities sprung from White genius. Black rule, and the corresponding White dispossession, is taking Africa back to the Stone Age. But we nationalists already knew . . .

If civilization is to be preserved anywhere, including in our own Southland, then it must be now and always, White Man’s Land. Otherwise, a return to barbarism . . . and truth be told, Whites historically have not been bad in that circumstance! Perhaps such straits would call forth the potential Warriors among us. But before we allow what we have created across the world to become a wasted and desolate battleground, let us stand in the evil day and declare this salient truth and defend it with our blood. And may God grant us the preservation of our blessed inheritance.

Michael Hill