Children of the Son

Me at national conference 2 July 2015Recently, a leader of the Alt-Right gave a speech in which he called whites “children of the sun.”

As a Christian and a Southern nationalist, I prefer to call my people—traditional Southerners (white folks)—“children of the Son.” It befits a Christian people to be called by the name of their eternal prophet, priest, and king, Christ Jesus.

While not all Southerners, or Southern nationalists, are Christians, history shows that the civilization our ancestors created and we inherited was indeed part of the wider sphere know as Christendom. To put it bluntly, the South would not be the South were it not for Christianity—specifically, the word of the true and living God–having informed it in every aspect. And it will not be revitalized and restored absent the resurrection of the Biblical faith of men like Lee, Jackson, Davis, and a multitude of others who fought and died for our Motherland.

In other words, a movement to restore “white civilization” is going nowhere until we acknowledge that the apex of that civilization occurred when the West was known by the name Christendom. So when we call ourselves “children of the sun,” we ought to mean that we dwell in the light of Christ and as such eschew the works of darkness. To do otherwise is to worship the creation (the sun and ourselves illumined by its rays) instead of the Creator who made all that is and will ever be.

Any movement that embraces the sun, however positive a symbol of light, but refuses the Son will fall in sure defeat before the forces of darkness and evil. Our white, European ancestors came to recognize this by the grace of God. When they conquered the world and filled it with marvelous things, they did it because they paid homage to the true source of light, genius, and power.

In the Southern nationalist movement, we shall do the same. We proudly proclaim our status as children of the Son.

Michael Hill, President, League of the South