Charlottesville, Two Years After

On this day, two years ago–12 August 2017–The League of the South went to Charlottesville to defend our Southern inheritance.

We moved on foot toward Lee Park, our permitted event location, on what was an open and lawful thoroughfare. Before reaching the entrance to Lee Park, we were opposed by a massive, tightly-packed group of Progressives and Communists, many wearing masks to conceal their identity. We stopped our column–400-500 strong–at a distance of about thirty feet from the opposition and gave them a chance to clear a way for us to get to the park. They immediately began shouting, locking arms, and hurling objects at us. Law enforcement made it clear that we were on our own and could expect no cooperation from them.

At that point we had a decision to make as free men and women. In the absence of local and State authorities, especially law enforcement, upholding our rights to free public passage, freedom to assemble in the park, and freedom of speech as would have been exercised by our chosen speakers, we decided to enforce these sacred rights for ourselves as responsible citizens.

If the civil authority will not enforce these rights, then it falls on the shoulders of free men and women to uphold their own rights. And that is what we did when we went through the army of Leftists and Communists and into Lee Park. At that point, we turned around with shields and other defensive accoutrements to face the Communist horde, and for the rest of the abortive rally we defended our ground and helped stragglers reach it safely.

All we in The League of the South did on that day was honorable and necessary. Had we turned back in the face of this New Red Terror–which was never even considered as an option–we would have been surrendering rights and duties that a free man will not give up. This we will never do. And on that you can count. In other words, we would do it all again as a matter of sound and well-established principle.–Michael Hill