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Some details seem to have been forgotten about the rally at Lee Park in Charlottesville.

Earlier that week, a federal judge affirmed that the city could not revoke the permit for the rally. The rally was meant to be a peaceful event where several nationalist speakers from a variety of political backgrounds would speak. It was also meant to be a protest of the city’s plan to remove the longstanding monument to General Robert E. Lee.

We arrived at the parking lot outside of Lee Park at 10:30 AM on Saturday. We marched into Lee Park – there was some violence, because the police did not do their job. The antifa were blocking our path from the parking lot into the park, and we had to fight our way through. Yes, we came with weapons and shields, because we knew the Marxists would be there, and we suspected the police would not help. The Jewish mayor of Charlottesville, Michael Signer, effectively denied our first amendment right to peaceful assembly, through the tactic of what Samuel Francis coined “anarcho-tyranny” – enforcing the law for some, but not for others. This is an established tactic which has been used before – the government allows anarchists/rioters/antifa/black-lives-matter to cause violence, and then when we protect ourselves, we are blamed and persecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The event was to officially begin at 12:00 noon. The police refused to let the organizers set up their sound equipment for the speakers, although they had allowed someone to set up a sign saying “Diversity is our Strength” across the street. Metal barriers were present, but they were not in the street or sidewalk separating the antifa communists from us – instead they were arranged as dividers in the park itself in order to divide us up. Then around 11:45 AM, just before the event was supposed to officially start, the Democrat governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, declared a state of emergency. This instantly revoked the Constitutional right of open carry, which is otherwise legal in Virginia, and also instantly revoked the Constitutional right of peaceful assembly. The state of emergency was allegedly justified because of the rioting, which they had wanted to happen – truth be told, the rioting was actually not that bad because we had organized our own shieldwall, doing the job the police were supposed to be doing. In addition, gas masks are illegal in Virginia, which means we could not protect ourselves from the mace and tear gas which were thrown at us. The antifa threw water-balloons filled with dye to ruin our clothes, and water bottles filled with feces and urine.

Just before noon, when the police said, “This has been declared an unlawful assembly, disperse or you will be arrested,” we dispersed to McIntire Park, eventually back to our cars, and then back home. There was an impromptu speech in the park by David Duke, which was, according to the media, “courageously” interrupted by a few dissenters (though most people there wanted to listen to the speaker.)

The mainstream media has grossly broken the ninth commandment by misreporting these events. There are obvious lies and there are subtle omissions.

An example of a subtle omission is when a reporter wrote a brief article about how they were hit by a bottle of urine during the fray between the two sides, but they neglected to report that which was obvious to anyone who was actually there, which was that only those on the far left, the Marxist antifascists, were using that tactic.

Much has been made of the car and helicopter crashes, some details of which remain unclear. These incidents make good headlines to spin things the way the media wants. The media states that our own actions caused death, not the actions of the Marxists or the inactions of the city. The argument is made that none of the violence would have happened if we just didn’t show up, but we would retort that none of this would have happened if the city left the monument alone. There is evidence that the car was being attacked by the mob before it began to run people over. Strangely, the cause of death for Heather Heyer was a heart attack, not internal bleeding.

            Heyer’s mom states cause of death was a heart attack

The end result is that the local and state governments have encouraged more on the right to pursue violence and rebellion from governmental authority. They of course have also encouraged the left to be violent by showing them that they will allow such violence. The thought which struck me was, “The government wants war!” Lawsuits may produce some positive results, but that will take time. In the meantime, lawsuits have been filed against many of the nationalists, as a means of placing a financial burden on us.

God created our race, and our gender, and our other attributes which make up our identity. People on the left are too obsessed with race and gender because they are obsessed with equality between the races and the genders, even as they deny its existence and say that race and gender don’t matter. However, this does not mean we only find our identity in Christ, or do you think that if a Christian man who identifies himself a woman is acceptable, because that identity doesn’t matter? The difference is that most Christians now believe there are no important racial differences, which is compounded by their refusal to acknowledge other scientific data which they think conflicts with their interpretation of the Scriptures. Meanwhile, the same Marxist leftists who convinced the West that racial difference was irrelevant in the 1960’s are now working on convincing us that gender and sexuality differences are irrelevant.

Later that night, the James Edwards‘ show “Political Cesspool” was put on the air. I recruited several eyewitnesses for this show and was present when they broadcasted these interviews with “Bombadier” Miller. I recommend listening to these and other internet media instead of the lies coming from the mainstream media. You will find at least one account of police brutality, where one of our members was hit on the back by an officer and pushed down some steps into the violent antifa:

Ultimately this event was used as a pretext for the increased denial of service and censorship of ethno-nationalist and even civic-nationalist voices. As we look back a year later on this event, we think on how much has changed, and hope for a better future, even as we know things will probably get worse before they get better.