Charlotte and negro violence

Black Panthers Feb 2016The latest outbreak of feral negro violence has occurred over the past two nights in Charlotte, NC. There, a young negro male, reportedly in possession of a weapon, was shot and killed by a black police officer and all hell has broken loose. As usual, whites are the main target of the negro violence. Of course, all this is egged on by the mainstream elite media. But even their correspondents were not safe from attack. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) monster they’ve helped to create seems intent on turning on them. As some say, karma is a bitch!

We in The League of the South, as we have done several times before, encourage our white Southern brothers and sisters to arm themselves, train, organize, and work out a plan for defending your lives and property. When BLM violence spreads from urban centers full of white cucks–such as Charlotte–to the outlying areas where the “good old boys” are, then things are going to get interesting really quick.

Feral negroes and those puppeteers who control their actions had best be careful not to take their street theater too far from the urban kraals in which it has thus far been confined. When they hit the suburbs, the small towns, and the rural areas of the South, there is going to be a surprise awaiting them: white people who not only fight back, but relish doing so!

If and when the crisis comes (especially if Obama or Clinton occupies the White House), we in The League expect a repeat of Oxford, Mississippi, in the 1960s when some 30,000 US troops once again invaded Southern soil to the detriment of our white Southern civilization.  Perhaps at that point, slumbering Southerners will awaken to the fact that the US regime–and their coddled victim groups–is not their friend but rather a long-standing enemy.  But whatever happens regarding this increased campaign of violence, there will be a proper and forceful response from the traditional South.

Michael Hill