Charles Martel

Charles MartelThe on-going invasion of Europe by thousands of “refugees” has once again brought forth the name of Charles Martel–Charles the Hammer–who saved Europe from the Muslim hordes by winning the battle of Tours in A.D. 732.

Many, including The League of the South, would welcome Charles Martel’s return in this momentous time. However, today he would first have to fight his own government (whether in Paris, Berlin, London, Brussels, or Washington) before he could turn his attention to the non-Western invaders.

That is a sad reality.

Michael Hill

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  1. Charles Martel saved Western Europe from the invading Arabs of Spain.

    Fourteen years earlier – 718 AD – the Greek Byzantine Emperor Leon the 3rd saved Eastern Europe from the invading Muslims of Syria.

    The strong walls of Constantinople were the barrier that held back the Asian hordes for 1,000 years.

    Today, the Muslim hordes are taking over Europe peacefully.

    And – in fact – modern Europeans are so brainwashed and full of “White guilt ” that they are actually WELCOMING the invaders.

    The descendants of the Crusaders have laid down their arms.

    A whole Race and an entire Civilization are commiting suicide, and they are happy about it !!!

    We are witnessing the DEATH of Europe on our TV sets !!!

    How can anybody explain this ???

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