LS button image July 2014When Barack Hussein Obama promised to “change America” back in 2008, just what did folks think he meant? To me it was crystal clear. He intended to change America by undermining its original and predominant cultural, moral, and genetic base–meaning white, Western European, and Christian–and replacing it with a non-white, non-Western, and non-Christian base.

Now in reality, those changes had been going one to one degree or another since Abe Lincoln declared that America was a Proposition Nation instead of a blood and soil nation based on the biblical model. The 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act set in motion the immigration crisis that plagues us at present. However, Obama’s intent was to drive the final nail into the coffin of white America. And the sad thing about it was that whites pledged to help him do it, especially the young and stupid ones.

But for those of us who opposed such fundamental changes, what are we to do to arrest this seemingly unstoppable trend? First of all, stop and realize something very important. A democracy only works in a homogeneous society–a large family knit together by a common gene pool and culture. In such a polity, there is generally a common agreement on what constitutes the “good society.” But when racial and cultural outsiders are introduced and are given citizenship and the vote, the equation is disturbed beyond repair.

What I am saying, white man, is that democracy with universal suffrage, if you continue to hold onto it, will be your undoing. You will be outnumbered and you will be outvoted. And when that happens, you will lose control of the society your ancestors built and bequeathed to you and your progeny.

What will this mean for you in practical terms? It means that your lives and property will no longer be protected by law. It means you and your family will no longer be safe. It means that the system, including confiscatory taxation, will be used against you and your interests. It means that the police force will not come when you call 911 to report someone trying to break into your house or to burn it down. And because you have been disarmed by law, you will not be able to protect yourself.

So the stark choice before you is 1) extinction or 2) criminality. As for me and my house, we will become outlaws if that is what is necessary for our survival.

Wait, you say. That will never happen when white folks become a minority in America. We will still have the same rights as everyone else. There will be equality for everyone. Well, hold on for a second. You are assuming that non-whites possess the same sense of interracial altruism as whites. You are assuming that when whites become a minority that non-whites will stop using terms like “racism” and “white privilege.” You are assuming that those former non-white minorities will now grant you the privileges and protections you have granted minorities over the past half century. But you will be proved wrong. And by that time it will surely be too late to do anything about it.

So my advice to my fellow white Southerners is simple: 1) give up your fetish for democracy; 2) don’t give up your firearms; 3) find your tribe and adhere to it like your life depends on it; and 4) speak the truth.

I have paid particular attention to events in the former Rhodesia and South Africa since the 1970s. What is happening there is what Obama and the “progressive” left intend to happen in America and eventually in every other white European country. In a word, dispossession. And with white dispossession comes the destruction of our race and our civilization.

If you can’t see this coming, you are either stupid or willfully blind; I don’t think you are stupid. Just open your eyes and watch as things unfold. The pattern is unmistakable. See it for what it is and plan for it. Our people have created the world’s premier civilization–Western Christendom. We are not a people to be trampled under foot and dispatched the the proverbial “dustbin of history.” Rather, let us once again serve our Creator, the Lord of Hosts, and be what He intends us to be: more than conquerors!

But to do this requires that we get up off our knees once we are finished with our prayers and go forth to destroy the evil and the evildoers that our own timidity and cowardice have allowed to flourish. Deo vincit!–Michael Hill