Celebrating June 19th

After giving it some thought, The League of the South has decided to celebrate June 19th after all. Yes, you heard that right . . .

The League of the South wants to enjoy a new holiday, too. And why shouldn’t we? We invite all who read this to join in our celebration . . . which is going to be a little different.

You see, on this very day, June 19th, in the Year of Our Lord 1953, a momentous and grand event took place from which we shall draw the name of our new holiday: Fry a Commie Day.

Yes indeed, on that day some sixty-eight years ago, the New York authorities pulled the switch and laid the heat to jew spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg! Fried ’em good! That’s what a civilized country does to traitors, which communists are of course. As we Southerners say, Sic Semper Tyrannis!

So y’all come and celebrate this new nationalist holiday with us. Remember, Fry a Commie Day . . . Tell your friends and neighbors to join us in the festivities and fun!

Michael Hill, Killen Alabama, June 2021