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League of the South pro-Southern family demonstration, Little Rock

https://www.facebook.com/events/341582202633352/ Join The League of the South in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Saturday, 13 September, as we demonstrate in favor of the Southern family and marriage and against the homosexual


If the South was Right then why are there Rainbow Confederates?

“Could there be any victory more complete than to have the descendants of one’s own defeated foes embrace the victor’s principles and repudiate those of their ancestors?”—Samuel Francis Several years


League participates in demonstration at Washington & Lee University

http://southernnationalist.com/blog/2014/07/26/protest-against-washington-lees-flag-removal/     “The upside of the day from a Southern perspective was that hundreds of people showed up to protest the anti-Southern decision by President Ruscio. The protesters did

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The symbolism of the Black Cross of Southern nationalism

  The Black Cross of Southern nationalism is highly symbolic. Besides being an ancient symbol associated with certain of our people, it has other meanings. It is a stark and