Burning the commie flag in Florida

Commie flag burning in Florida april 2015Fla LS Reds out of FloridaThe Florida League of the South, along with LS members from Alabama and Georgia, faced off with the commie SDS at the State Capitol in Tallahassee today (Saturday, 18 April). Since the event was hastily organized to counter the SDS rabble, our numbers were only about half of that of opposition. However, we don’t mind being outnumbered by such scum for the simple reason that one Southern nationalist is worth a dozen commies. The last time the SDS held a demonstration in Tallahassee (without opposition, I might add), they burned a Confederate battle flag. Today we reciprocated by spitting on, tearing up, and burning a red commie flag. Our message to the SDS and sympathizers is simply: Reds out of Florida!

More later on this event.

Michael Hill