Biden’s challenge

Joe Biden warned American citizens that if they’re smart they’ll forget that foolishness about watering the tree of liberty from time to time with the mingled blood of tyrants and patriots. So much for the worth of Mr. Jefferson’s advice in 2021. After all, he is a DWM (dead White male) and as such can safely be ignored these days. Biden said that any Americans who might actually consider fighting to preserve their ancient liberties from being subsumed in the current New Red Terror ought to understand that they would be faced with F-15s and even nuclear weapons, neither of which they currently possess. Well Joe, there is a thing called 4th Generation Warfare and such weapons–and many less lethal–are not really necessary for a determined people to defeat a tyrannical government, especially one that is in the process of alienating it most virile slice of the population: military age White Alpha Males. I wrote an article several years ago about this general subject. It is linked here:

Michael Hill, Killen, Alabama, June 2021