Berlin Christmas Market attack

angela-merkel-dec-2016At least 12 were killed and some 50 injured in Berlin when a large truck (reportedly with headlights off) plowed through a Christmas Market on the evening of 19 December. Multiple witnesses say the driver, a Pakistani refugee who arrived in Germany earlier this year, purposefully drove the truck into the market stalls at a high rate of speed. One suspect died at the scene, reportedly the passenger, and the driver was apprehended by police nearby a short time after the attack. Police are calling this an act of “terror.”

That the attackers are Muslims refugees is no surprise. Angela Merkel must be held personally responsible. Any government that allows, even encourages, the importation of a hostile population must be held accountable for the actions of the individuals who make up that group. In this case, Muslim refugees.

As The League of the South has been saying for years now, the white countries of the world must keep out non-whites who wish only to consume the fruits of Western civilization and displace the white populations. The multicultural experiment in the West has been a disaster for the white native populations–as it was always intended to be–and the elites in those countries who insist on continuing this tragic experiment should be treated as the race-traitors and enemies they are.

It is past time that the leftist fetish of multicultural, tolerance, and diversity end. It has–and will continue to–cost thousands of lives and untold misery for the former lands of Christendom. Islam, and those who have allowed it to inject its venom into the West, ought to be treated like a mad dog. And there is only one way to deal with something that insists on destroying you–you must destroy it first.

Michael Hill