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An invitation to the party

We in The League of the South have been saying now for over two decades that the way to solve the attacks on our symbols, culture, and heritage is by


A statement from Texas LS member, Dr. Robert M Shivers

I find it bizarre, on a Kafkaesque level, that people who live in a society where perversion is the norm, where the idea of holy marriage is mocked, where life


The politics of provocation

When a US Army psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who in 2009 opened fire at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 12 people and wounding 31 others, was brought forth for examination


We support Kyle Rogers

The League of the South supports our friend and compatriot, Kyle Rogers, of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), who is being lambasted by the left-wing media for turning Dylann


LS member fired from Anniston, Alabama, police force

On Friday, 19 June, League of the South member Lt. Josh Doggrell was fired from his position with the Anniston (Alabama) Police Department. He had served that department honorably for


A personal note

On my way home from the gym this morning, I started thinking about how the “progressive” left demonizes us with the most wild and vicious rants. Of course, they criticize


Take it down and keep it flying!

Everywhere leftists are calling for the removal of the Confederate battle flag, especially at the State House in Columbia, SC. We in The League of the South agree that a


In defense of our blood (reposted)

Shortly after we formed The League in 1994, I was a guest on the Alan Colmes radio show on WABC in New York. Colmes, who at that time was the


A better world as seen through Southern nationalist eyes

As Southern nationalists, we are not beholden to the American Empire. While we are indeed currently occupied by it, we understand that 1) its demise is sure and 2) its


“Give me liberty”–An independence summit

Over the weekend of 6 June, the Florida League of the South hosted its annual State Conference in Jacksonville. The “Give Me Liberty- An Independence Summit” was well attended by