Are you ready?

Michael Hill a great day for Southern Nationalism 19 May 2014Those who have supported the half century of revolution that has virtually destroyed the foundations of the West are the avowed enemies of those of us who wish to preserve the Western Christian inheritance from our forebears. Do you understand that? You are our enemies because either your action or inaction has put in danger our entire civilization.

If you’re old enough, you probably supported in some way–or, at the very least, refused to oppose–the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. You did nothing to stop the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, which is even now transforming North America into a majority non-white continent. You did nothing to stop the feminist and homosexual revolution that is destroying the fabric of our family structure. You did nothing to stop an oligarchy of politicians, bankers, and business elites from taking over the country’s (and the world’s) financial and economic affairs. You did nothing and you continue to do nothing.

You reply, “Why, I was just busy living my life while all this was happening. Beside, I couldn’t have stopped it, even if I had wanted to.” Yes, you stood by while all of these demonic forces undermined the civilization given to you by your white, Christian, European ancestors.

But you have a choice. You don’t have to remain a supporter–active or passive–of these demonic forces. You can come back into the light and use your time, energy, and resources to destroy this evil. That is what virtuous men have always done in times of crisis. Our time is no different.

We in The League of the South have been on the front lines opposing these forces for over two decades, often with little help or support and few resources. Our solution begins with a free and independent South. Will you help us make that dream a reality? Then we will have a secure homeland–a base of operations–to combat the evils that surround us.

CSA President Jefferson Davis, a brave and honorable man, once said that all we Southerners desire is “to be left alone.” But that is not going to happen. The forces arrayed against us–the legions of Satan himself–will not rest until we are destroyed. Therefore, we cannot afford to merely seek being “left alone.” Rather, we must understand a simple fact: either we destroy the enemy or he destroys us. There is no truce and no peace treaty to be made with the malevolent forces that seek our destruction. The Serpent’s head must be crushed. Then, and only then, can we and our progeny enjoy peace and prosperity in the land God has given us.

Are you ready to be a Southern nationalist warrior?

Michael Hill