Anti-white whites

There is nothing more pitiful, not to mention incomprehensible, than anti-white whites. When the day they wish for actually comes, do you think the dark hordes will distinguish them from any of the other hated “white devils?” What fools they are, and a danger to the rest of us.

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  1. I am White and I love my race and my Lord Jesus Christ. I am for a Free and Independent South. All that said I want to say I do NOT hate any race especially black southerns. I was a member of the US Army from 1987-1997 and am a Veteran of operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm and Somalia. Most of the black men that fought by my side were all southerns also. We were there defending the freedoms of the people in our region and I even spoke to a southern black from Tennessee and He was in agreement with me that a free Independent South would be best for our States and families. I know that this dream or goal can not be achieved without unity of all southerns. It’s pipe dream to think it could happen without blacks or any other race that are apart of the southern states. Population whites are 58% and blacks are 32% and all others are 10%. So we can NOT ever succeed with out 42% of the population. As a christian I love every man black white Asian or what ever and a follower of the Lord Jesus I love everyone especially my own race. God Bless the South and never think I’m an anti-white.

  2. This is very interesting. I have the great joy of living in the free & democratic paradise of the republic of south africa. On a daily basis we get to experience the consequences of the actions of the self same sanctimonious anti-white whites who are as much a plague to you as to the rest of us. Yes they are a very real danger. Not only do we have to contend with the systematic collapse of what was once a prosperous, safe & well run state but we must deal with the horrors of white folk being tortured,raped, mutilated & murdered often in ways that speak of nothing other than racist hatred & depravity. Although in a great many of the instances the victims of these atrocities are the self same traitors.This is a direct consequence of their treason. Until recently I was unaware that there actually existed such a difference in the U.S between the north & south! It was the whole issue of the Confederate flag, which I’ve always considered a rather beautiful design, that put me on to your site. This flag is now my profile pic on my various “things” much to the horror of one or two libs. My explantion as to why I should choose this “racist” flag & not the “stars & stripes” let alone the ghastly obscenity which we have usually goes something along these lines: It represents 1.HONOUR as the C.S.A fought for honour 2. Pride in their people, past & present 3. ARISTOCRACY, merit & not mediocrity. 4. NOBILITY, even here we’ve heard of the nobility & character of such great men as Gen Robert E Lee & “Stonewall” Jackson 5. SACRIFICE in the face of overwhelming odds they still fought, ragged,starved & exhausted though the were.6. CHIVALRY, who can in all honesty & truth deny the south’s chivalry & all that that concept represents? To me these are noble virtues, virtues which the stars & stripes do not represent. Prior to this a “yank” was a ”yank” who was anyone from the U.S, sorry guys! (although I was informed by a much aggrieved Texan that he was not a yank but a Texan & that the differences were to the bone!) I came across a quote once, by who & in relation to what i really don’t know, but i like it & i think it sums up my stance at least. ” And when they seek to oppress you, and when the seek to destroy you!, Rise and Rise again and again like the phoenix from the ashes till the lambs become lions and the reign of darkness is no more!”

  3. Anti-White Whites hate themselves and other Whites, deep down, because they hate the Icon of Christ that White People are naturally, His Kinsmen. The same hatred, supernatural in origin, is what lies behind the hatred of genuine White Male Masculinity. Most Anti-White Whites who are Male are Effete and/or Cuckholded wimps.

  4. It took decades of propaganda and brain – washing to create all those anti-white Whites.

    Decades of 24 hours/day, 365 days/year bombardment with “white guilt” from the mass media, the politicians, the schools – even some “Christian” churches, the Roman Catholic being the most active on that purpose.

    The enemies of the White Race took advantage of our inherent traits – the natural kindness, humanity, the sense of justice and pity for the weak that characterize Whites – and turned them against us.

    “White guilt” is a deadly spiritual virus implanted in the minds of the White masses, and now we are witnessing the results ; Whites actually HATING their own kind, like that psychopath Dolezal character…

    It is not realistic to believe that we can beat this propaganda system by our means at this point of time.

    Only a World War can bring down this global system of spiritual illness.

    Until then, what we can ACTUALLY do is spread our message, recruit, organize and inform a critical mass of Whites – enough to preserve our Blood and our Culture after the Armageddon.

    1. Amen, well said Mr. Greek. Such a conflict is, of course, being encouraged by the aforementioned propaganda “machine”, and appears to be inevitable.

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