An “outlaw” flag in defiance of Cultural Genocide

091The Cultural Marxists who control the US government, media, and popular culture want to suppress this flag (see photo at right). If they could, they would make it an outlaw flag and arrest those in possession of it. Already, they are pulling it down from public venues, and some of their criminal street thugs have now taken to desecrating it on private property.

But their campaign of Cultural Genocide is going to backfire. Southerners are a proud and stubborn Folk. The more you tell us we can’t do something, the more we’ll do it! So take down the Confederate battle flag from the places you now control, Mr. Cultural Marxist. Even attack our private property. And we’ll put up a thousand in the places we control for every one you remove. We will also defend our private property with deadly force, if necessary.

If we Southerners have to become outlaws to protect and defend our cultural inheritance, it won’t be the first time. Remember this, all those who support this ongoing Southern Cultural Genocide: by your actions you are creating a new cadre of Southern nationalists. Once the Southern nationalist movement hits critical mass, then we will show you the ultimate act of defiance against your attacks: Southern independence.

Michael Hill