An official statement from The League of the South

Michael Hill a great day for Southern Nationalism 19 May 201411 July 2016

There has been lots of big talk lately from Black Lives Matter (BLM), the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), and various other leftist groups. There also has been some jawing from the other side. When all is said . . . and done . . . all this talk means absolutely nothing.

Without drama or flourish, here is The League’s official position on all the current mayhem in the streets:

Our goal is the same today as it always has been: the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people. We shall continue to work by social, cultural, economic, and political means to achieve our objectives.

As Southern nationalists, we shall use whatever means are necessary to defend ourselves, our families and friends, our property, and our homeland against whatever threats may be arrayed against them. This includes threats from the US government and any of its agents.

To our idle white brothers and sisters in the South: you may not support us (yet), but we will continue to fight for you and for a safe and prosperous future for your children and grandchildren in Dixie. When you are ready to join the struggle, we will be ready to take you in.

This is our land and we will fight for it. We will not share power in it with any other group(s). Others before us tried that route and it has proven an abject failure, as you can see all around you in 2016. Henceforth, we shall conduct our policy based on the reality of the situation and not on how the leftist “experts” think things should be. Their policies have failed. There shall be no “equality” in our South. Our intent is to make it “White Man’s Land,” a place where our progeny can thrive in true liberty and security.

Our watchword is no compromise and no surrender.–Michael Hill

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  1. A friend of mine asked me this question once ;

    “….How come that Whites have the highest IQs and yet they behave like morons ?? Why their high IQ doesn’t help them to see reality as it is ” ???

    I gave him the best answer that I could think at the moment ; namely, that it’s all due to the “White Guilt” spiritual virus which has infected the collective mind of the White Race in the last 5 decades.

    But is this explanation good enough ???

    I wonder if there is an evolutionary pattern – or an evolutionary mistake – that leads us Whites to our self – destruction.

    Any healthy Race or Nation would be awakened by now !!!

    Non – Whites are killing, raping, robbing, mocking and humiliating Whites in every possible way, and yet Whites do NOT fight back.

    Non- Whites are taking over the entire Western World – they are taking over goverments, sports, enterainment, demographics – and Whites do NOT fight back.

    A whole Civilization is dying and yet its carriers do NOT fight back.

    I am beginning to suspect that it is not all due to the “White Guilt” virus.

    I am seriously thinking that this is God’s – or Nature’s if you prefer – ULTIMATE test.

    Our White Race has reached a peak of intellect, science and wisdom.

    We are at the point of reaching out to the stars with our technology.

    But God – or Nature – is slowing us down.

    We must prove that we are evolved enough to be WORTHY of reaching the stars.

    We must prove that we are WORTHY of inheriting this planet and the universe.

    The rising tide of Color is our Ultimate evolutionary test.

    Either we prevail – and go to the stars – or we vanish !!

    Either way, only a minority of our Race will make it.

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