An observation on the day after the elections

LS hard right black cross Dec 2017I forced myself to watch last night’s election coverage on CNN. I normally do not self-inflict such misery. But through it all, I learned a few things, and some things I already knew became clearer.

The Democrat Party has now become openly a Jew-run party with negroes, mestizos, Muslims, and other assorted non-Whites, along with a large contingent of self-loathing (and very short-sighted) Whites, providing the numerical strength in the streets and at the voting booth. It is avowedly socialist/communist and does not try to hide its affinity for the old Bolsheviks of the previous century. The Democrats have become the political wing of the New Red Terror. They control, directly or indirectly, much of the Establishment infrastructure (media, banks, academia, large corporations, and popular culture in general). And they are virulently anti-White (especially anti-White male) and anti-Christian, seeking, at best, the disenfranchisement and banishment, and at worst, the destruction of both. Like their predecessors, they are serious about their work.

Conversely, the mainstream GOP (which has been very wary of Trump) proved itself to be what it always has been, at least since it became the haven for America’s “conservatives,” and that is a respectable and thus toothless outfit with no real sense of the urgency of the hour for those they presumably represent: normal, productive White people. But there were some silver linings on the harder right side of the GOP, especially in the South and Midwest.

As Southern/White nationalists, we have no reason historically to support the Republican Party. It has stabbed us in the back more times than I care to remember (e.g the infamous “Southern Strategy” and the current debacle regarding Charlottesville). But, as an established political party with regular ballot access and a permanent constituency, it could be of use to a burgeoning White consciousness movement (which could, and should, be directed towards full-blown blood and soil nationalism). In fact, if Whites are to survive as the dominant force in the land their own ancestors civilized and bequeathed them, we are going to need a dependable political vehicle, and the GOP ought to be it if for no other reason than it is already tending naturally in that direction. It has become by default the White Man’s Party. And if it will openly admit to such status, it can become a force to turn back the brown tide that wishes to sweep away the old America, especially the South.

Immigration from non-White countries will be the key factor in future elections. The Democrats make no attempt to hide their strategy of making democracy a racial headcount game. Their simple plan is to bring in enough non-White voters to overwhelm us at the ballot box. And when they have accomplished this on a large scale, all our “constitutional” protections of life, liberty, and property will be worthless. So stopping the flow of non-Whites into the US must be the new GOP’s primary concern. The battle cry of “Keep America White” must be heard far and wide.

Because of the Democrat’s predictable response, the new openly pro-White GOP will have to toughen its hide to charges of “racism,” “anti-Semitism,” “xenophobia,” and the other heretofore effective leftist epithets. Indeed, it would do well to embrace up front an idea the neo-Bolsheviks will call “White Supremacy,” and that is that if our White civilizations in North America, Europe, and elsewhere were not superior to all others then millions upon millions of Third World migrants and “refugees” would not be coming here for a “better life.” Rather, because all men and civilizations are equal, they would stay in their own countries and develop them along the lines of White countries.

Most Whites, I believe, understand that there is nothing immoral about protecting their country from those who would destroy it and then passing it on to their posterity. But they have been told they are “bad people” for acting upon such beliefs. Moreover, those who have dared speak and act in defense of “Whiteness” have been socially ostracized and punished economically. That makes no sense when they are still the majority demographic. But that they have suffered such indignities points up a salient fact: they are no longer masters of their civilization. It has been quietly seized from them over the last century by a parasitic alien invader: the international Jew. It is imperative that we begin to make the average White man and woman understand this fact. Otherwise, they will never be able to correctly identify and then fight the primary enemy.

The 2018 election results promise at best gridlock and at worst continued chaos politically, socially, economically, and culturally for the next two years. But what looms in 2020 likely will make what has gone before look tame. As Southern/White nationalists, we had better use the time well. And taking over the GOP from the outside in is one of the things we must do to counter the New Red Terror and their political apparatus: the Democrat Party. Remember, you may not be interested in politics, but politics is surely interested in you!

Michael Hill