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SN flagWe in The League of the South have been saying now for over two decades that the way to solve the attacks on our symbols, culture, and heritage is by secession and Southern independence. As long as the South is in thrall to the corrupt regime–both Democrats and Republicans–in Washington, DC, she will be held up for ridicule and abuse.

Why continue to fight one brush fire after another, always being on the defensive, when we can take the offensive by rallying the Southern people to the cause of independence?

Let the Cultural Marxists rant and rave about the “backward, racist South” and her cultural symbols. Let them continue their opportunistic campaign of making political hay on the backs of church murders and other tragedies. Let them campaign, with the help of a willing and complicit mainstream media, to remove every vestige of our proud Southern inheritance. All the while they will be quietly radicalizing millions of ordinary Southerners who otherwise would be going about their everyday business.

Yes, we radical Southern nationalists have been the proverbial “point of the spear” for a long time. And at times it has been lonely at the front, fighting against overwhelming odds and sometimes even against our own misguided people. But if the last few days are any indication–and I think they are–then Southerners are mobilizing and looking for a means to defend their Motherland.

While there are other Southern organizations out there, there is only one Southern nationalist movement, and it is The League of the South. If you want to be a man among men in this fight the Cultural Marxists have picked against Dixie, then you’ve found the right place in The League. Join up today by going to our other website: (archival and business) or by clicking on “Support the Cause” on this site.

Michael Hill

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