An interesting report from the Tennessee LS State Chairman

Anti Federal ReserveI just invested two days at the Federal Reserve Bank offices in Nashville attending a seminar on international trade.

The South is in a very well leveraged position for our economic independence.

Were you aware that two-thirds of all automotive manufacturing plants in the united States are in the South? Mostly in the deep Southern States.

I learned from another attendee who is familiar with Nissan officials that the South is favored for several reasons:

1) Southerners are more polite.

2) Southerners have a greater respect for tradition.

3) Southerners have a deeper connection to the soil/land.

4) Lastly, the Japanese identify with Southerners because we also lost a war!

Christ’s servant,

David O. Jones


  1. I’m not going to argue about the regional difference in our women, just let it be said they lost economically due to their specific treatment of the Japanese management’s wives.

  2. Dr. Hill, I just found a most interesting read on the similarities between the Japanese and Southrons. There’s one part where it says that the Japanese noticed that we “worship” our ancestors just like them, which is interesting, because I’ve always been under the inclination that if I weren’t a Christian, I would most likely develop some sort of ancestral worship because of how much I take pride and honour in my blood. The Japanese really are just like us!

  3. Dr. Hill, I read an article on why the Japanese had chosen the South. It seems we can give our women a large share of the credit. When the Japanese executives came here their wives were treated poorly by the northern women. The Southern ladies did not show the desire to subvert the the Japanese businessman’s authority in his household, therefore we received their favor. Sorry you yanks, you just have a bunch of rude women!

    1. Mark, As a Southerner, who has, lamentably, long been knee-deep in Yankees, I can attest to the fact that it is grossly unfair to solely acclaim their women as rude!

      A person’s comportment, I believe, is a most, and more, effective advocate, or proof, for his world view, than any single other thing.

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